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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Wednesday

Good day at work. Got stuff accomplished and piles reduced.

Good lunch (buffet at Marcello's - loads of veggies, some hot stuff, good balance).

Good run - rather than the usual up & down Centre St, we just went for a longer, steady run that included 10th St hill, the former goat trails along Crescent Heights, Curling Club hill and Sammy's hill...granted, we were to do 7. but the run came in at 8.75km, and had some rather sizable and steep hills it in. Mission accomplished.

Good beer! I do love me Guinness. Black gold, that is. Yum, yum. Topped it off with the Frank's Redhot mussels - very generous with the Redhot tonight, which I liked! A lot!!!!

Good night...already dark here in Calgary.
Doesn't take long for the days to get shorter. Boo... But that also means I'll fall asleep quicker.

On that note...

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