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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazy daze of summer

Thanks to the jet-stream and the province of British Columbia being on fire, I can barely see two blocks down the road for all the smoke. That has raised many alarms in Calgary, with warnings going out to anyone with breathing disorders to do their best to stay inside until it can blow away. Just smelled like camping while walking to work, but I am going to be a good little asthmatic and skip boot camp tonight (although it sounds like Trainer Josh may cancel all classes, as a precaution). Good thing I didn't load up on totally bad food at lunch today - just had to go get the mango/cucumber salad AGAIN today - I think I'm addicted...I don't feel all guilty for not burning it off. Although an evening on my couch vegging may be just what the doctor ordered for all my stress over the last few months!

Picked Dad up last night to bring him home. Despite the hospital phoning me at 10:15am to discharge him, they still didn't have everything together/organized for when I picked him up at 5. Took an hour and one very frazzled nurse to figure out what was going on! After settling him at home (with strict orders to not move while we were gone) I then took Mom to the pharmacist to pick up what was certain to be a truckload of meds. Sure enough, the hospital "forgot" to fax the orders in, so we had to sit and wait another 45 minutes for the two ladies to put everything together. I finally left M&D at 8pm, so no evening run for me. Which is all right. Popped into Walmart to pick up a few things for me, and when I came out 20 minutes later, everything was soaked from the surprise rainstorm. I mean EVERYTHING! But nary a drop falling while I drove home. Weirdness.

So tonight's plan will be to veg, I think. I'll be over at M&D's several times over the weekend, to make sure everything is good with those two. Hoping Dad manages to stay home for longer than 27 hours this time, and also hoping Mom gets used to having someone else there again. She's been on her own for over 4 months now, and for someone with memory problems, routine is everything. Dad will definitely throw a wrench in her routine! When I called earlier, the Home Care nurse was there, so I'll have to call back and see how that went. Or wait for the call from Home Care asking who these two crazy people are?!?! Yeah, they may be crazy, but they're my kind of crazy!!

On a personal note, I got notice that Dell has shipped my new CPU, so it shouldn't be long before I have a home computer again! Yay! It's only been a week, but it's been a hard week!!!

Happy weekend everyone...hope you all enjoy it.


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Kris | said...

Hey doll! I just found your blog! What an inspiration you are :)

Sorry for us BCers sending smoke your way ;)


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