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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not quite there yet

Despite working for a very large telecommunications company, I proudly admit that there is a strong reason why I work in accounting and not in IT!! That would be because I just want to turn my computer on and make it do what it did before.

It is not...

We are not on speaking terms right now!

I will be discussing with my IT guy tomorrow and find out what I've done wrong (or overlooked).

Weigh-in today had me finding what I lost last week...had an okay week, but I suppose it can be better, so we'll shift focus for next. With Dad home, there's suddenly way less running around, but then again I'm still stressing whether we made the right decisions or not. After talking with my younger brother tonight, I'm thinking not! But I'll go see the "situation" for myself and make my judgement then.

Just realized that it's after 10pm and technically I haven't had supper yet. Oops. I went to a late boot camp (6pm) and after that, off to feed B.'s furbabies. By the time I got home, it was after 8, and then I had to show an apartment at 9. Talk to younger bro for a half an hour, and suddenly the night is gone and "dinner" is a distant thought. I'll see what I can nosh on that isn't too heavy (maybe a bowl of cereal) to tide me over till morning.

With that, I'm off to bed. I am enjoying the 2nd to last glass of my glorious wine, so that is making me all mellow and chillaxed!



H-woman said...

Wine helps. Good wine is even better. =)

Think I've got Melissa's figured out. Just waiting to make sure, but I think I'll get off work at 10 on Thursday, back to work Monday morning. =)

Carol said...

And I confirmed with the B's that we have the condo from the Thursday through to the Monday. Wahoo!!!

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