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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love run clinic

Because I can push myself and be rewarded with "good job" by EVERYONE, regardless of their training level. And they mean it!

Because we all laugh and talk while we're training.

Because I can ask Garrath a question, and not feel like an idiot. Tonight's for example: "Am I pushing us too fast in hills training, as we are surpassing tempo pace, let alone tempo effort?". And the answer?? He ran with us, to see what we were doing, and said, "we're long as we're still talking and not about to puke, we're doing awesome". Oh, "and your form is perfect" that point I actually ran on air!

Because we head out for bevvies and food afterwards. Sometimes it's 5 of us, or like tonight, a good 30 that took up almost the whole patio area. Scared a few tables away, and confused the poor waitress to no end, but it was a gorgeous night and we were all in the mood to socialize. There was much laughter (which I so needed) and much smiling (which I so needed) and much talk back and forth. Favourite runs, to favourite rock concerts, to favourite hiking/bear in the woods stories. Did I mention much laughing?! My face hurts, to be honest. Okay...there "may" have been a couple of pints consumed. Just sayin'.

Because I am getting stronger, faster and better, each and every week. And I like that. Bring on Toronto!! And C. and I decided tonight that we're running Goofy in 2012. That will be a hoot!

Okay, it's late and I am just getting in. Granted tonight is a little later than normal, but I think I needed to cut loose a little. Bringing Dad home on Friday...bed ordered and should be delivered Friday...private home care booked and scheduled for Monday...Meals on Wheels starts on Monday...Medigas dropped off extra tanks today...called facility and told them I was discharging Dad. And their response?? Okay. That was it...I expected at the very least a why, but nothing. I think we've made a good decision here, but then again it'll all hinge on how Mom and Dad deal with being together again after 4 months apart. Time will tell.


Oh, and set your PVR/DVR's to catch Caitlin and the launch of Operation Beautiful, The Book on the Today show. Sounds like she'll be on at 8:35 (New York time, I'm guessing)...that is so cool!!!

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