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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday morning wake-up

Sat up way too late last night, after being sucked into the boob-tube, watching movies I've seen about a hundred times! Oh, but maybe this time they'll magically change how it ends!! I am such a tool sometimes.

George, lord love him, started his "I'm starving and I'm going to die if you don't get up and feed me right this very instance" rant at 5:05am (I crawled into bed at 2:30am). Got up and fed them both, only to discover George no longer likes his food. Either variety that I currently have. Good thing I was way too tired to care, because I left him staring at his dish and went back to bed. I know...I'm a horrible mommy! He let me sleep all the way to 8:30am, before the attempts to get me back in the kitchen started up again. I'll give it to him...he is very persistent. First starts the lawnmower level of purring...right in my ear! Then it's the wet nose to the ear/eye/ every time! Then, when I just roll over, he picks out the nearest bit of flesh he can see (never does this through my jammies), which he then rakes his claws over! Not enough to break skin, but enough that I get the message. If I'm being particularly stubborn and trying to stay asleep, he then switches tactics and gets on the dresser right beside my bed and starts to pull/push everything off it!!! Okay, I'm up!!!!! Still rejecting both cans of food, so he ended up eating a bowl of kibble. It's important that he eat, because I can't give him his insulin if he doesn't. I know he won't starve, but it's frustrating when he's like this.

Boot Camp last night and Thursday were run by a lady named Maureen, as Trainer Josh decided to take a much needed vacation. Granted it's only for 5 a few days, so we'll see him on Monday. As far as subs go though, I rather liked this one (it's been mainly miss in the past, as Josh is just so awesome). Her style was very different, but something must have worked as I am feeling it in my shoulders, back and legs today. Thursday we did tabata circuits, incorporating the entire body, and last night was all legs/cardio/abs. We started with a short run to warm up, which I don't get, because then we just ran up the BA hill anyway! However, she found a "trail" about half way up, which we veered off onto, and ran it back down to the road. Since a goat would find it challenging to run on, most of us took it pretty slowly, as to not trip and fall (many rocks and roots and sticks, including the one dead tree to duck under, lest you wanted to lose an eye!). We ran this route 3-4 times (I did 3, as I pointed out I have 32km to run on Sunday, and want to save the legs a little!). We then went back to our mats where we did 100 abs each. This is where I don't like her, because it was "do whatever you want", instead of saying 25 crunches, 25 bicycle, etc. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it... Back to the hill, now with very sore abs, and 2 more loops, before returning to the mats for another 100 abs!! Then we did some more work to cool down. These were burbees from hell!!! Stand with hands in air, then go into squat. From there, drop hands to mat and walk to to full plank. Hold plank for a couple of seconds before dropping into full push-up, before walking hands back up to squat and stand to hands in air. We did 20 of these, and then while we waiting for everyone to finish, we did two sets of push-ups. Finished with more plank (my shoulders, more specifically my rotator cuffs HATE planks!) and then some stretching. The 4+ hour run tomorrow is going to be a breeze compared to this torture!!

Had to pop in on the parents, as my younger brother called with 'concerns'. True enough, it looked like a bomb went off in the house (Dad is notorious for spreading his stuff everywhere, and then complains that Mom hides it and he can't find it!!!), he had an "accident" which he initially blamed on their cats, and his pills were everywhere, except where they were supposed to be (like in his mouth!!). Oy!!! Asked why Home Care didn't help with this, and couldn't get a straight answer, so I will call them on Monday to get the scoop. Organized his pills into his weekly pill thing (him - "you didn't do this last week, you only left me one day of pills", me - "we sat together and filled out the whole week!", him - "oh, I don't remember that". Me...quietly sobbing to self!!), and marked the bottles with the times to take. As well, I sorted through his "kit" and subtly removed the 2 year old prescriptions, which I sneak out of the house and to the pharmacists to destroy when the timing is right. Right now they're hidden from both parents! Oh, and we had to rush out to the store to buy a bunch of gauze and stuff - gee, Dad, when did you fall and hurt yourself, again? "Last week"...Odd, you weren't wearing bandages on Tuesday when I was here. " You were here Tuesday???" Oy... Got them sorted out and ate one of the lunches in their fridge (Meals on Wheels delivers lunch and dinner to each every day, but I can't convince Mom that they should actually be EATING lunch and dinner every day!!! The fridge is full, so once again, I sort through it and try to help her organize. Raising parents is HARD!!! I would have never been able to get away with this kind of crap!

Fed B.'s cats, and got home around 9. Flaked on the couch all night, and now here I sit. One cup of coffee in, and time for another. Need to walk to Safeway to get some food for me, and then I really should cut the grass if it's not too wet. I have a BBQ to pop into later today, but will make sure I am home bright and early, as those 32 will not run themselves! It's supposed to be cool tomorrow (can feel the fall crisp in the air right now), so I should have as good a run as I did last week. Whee!!


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