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Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

That was the name of the song I was thinking about yesterday!

After getting to bed before 10:30 (HUGE deal for me), I slept the night through, waking up just before my alarm went off. One would think I'm under stress or something! Got to work, after a stop in at Starbucks (really needed my 5 shots this morning), plugged away and also sent off the application for the one suite this morning (approved, of course) before rushing home at lunch to show the second suite to my step-niece and SIL. Took my niece's application (between me and her parents, she'll toe the line!) and rushed back to work, stopping in at the Vietnamese place Toa to pick up lunch to go. I swear I had just finished punching in my PIN when the dude brought my order out from the kitchen. If I was in the place for 5 minutes, I'm guessing high. Amazing. Got the shrimp salad rolls again (quite awesome) as well as the Satay Chicken and spring roll bun (vermicelli salad). A-MAZING! And quite satisfying.

Got home after an uneventful afternoon, changed and took off for boot camp, pulling up into the neighbourhood just as the rain started (Calgary, for what seems to be the 1,857th time this summer has a thunderstorm warning/watch). Pulled up to see if our shelter was being used (it was) so pulled back into the main parking lot, thinking I would wait out the rain. Could see I. sitting in his car, thinking the same thing, and lastly Trainer Josh pulled in, I'm sure thinking the same thing. Then the skies really opened up!! It was as if someone was throwing water balloons on my car, the rain drops were so freaking big. And loud!!! Thought, okay, this will blow over...that's when the hail started (uh-oh!) and then the lightening and thunder. One struck very, very, very, very close to where we were, as the skies lit up and then the thunder clap SHOOK MY CAR!!!!! At that point, I., Josh and myself all started our cars, waved good-bye to each other and took off for the safety of home!

Got to Mom's about an hour early, which threw her right off, to find out that Meals On Wheels delivered her & Dad's lunch/dinners, as ordered. However, Mom hadn't even unwrapped any of it.'re supposed the EAT the lunch when you get it. Sigh... Made her cook her dinner portion, while I ate one of the lunches (soup and a sandwich), and put the other dinner in the freezer for the weekend. I will cancel Dad's servings till he's out of the hospital, as it's just too much food for Mom, freezer or not. Off we went to visit Dad, who seems to be pretty much the same, but at least he was alert and lucid. Dropped Mom off, and my car for the mechanic (lives across the street), and was ready to walk to the train to come home, but Mom wouldn't let me leave without her vehicle. Didn't want me to get attacked or something. Okay...who am I to turn down a loaner vehicle??

Home, where I did nosh on the other "bragel", toasted with some Monteray Jack melted on it and a thinly sliced apple. Perfect! Oh, and I was tempted by all the signs telling me to try the Tropical Fro-Yo from Spoon Me. Absolute perfection, with some pineapple, mango and kiwi sprinkled on top. And you all thought it would be McD's times 3!! Pa-ha!!

Feel bad for missing my sweat-on this evening, but I did walk to and from work twice today, so that helps a little. I'll think about doing some squats before bed, or maybe I'll just dream about squats! I will go to boot camp on Thursday, to make up for missing tonight. That I do promise.

All right bloggies...I'm off to rest. Hope your Monday was a great and refreshing start to the new week ahead. Or, at the very least, that you all survived it!


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