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Monday, August 23, 2010

84 hours and counting

Dad is still home, and they both seem to be doing well, adjusting to their new routines. No panicked phone calls, no calls from Home Care, etc. This may just work out!

Yesterday's 29km (18 miles) run went much better than last week's, despite the constant blanket of smoke covering Calgary. It wasn't nearly as bad as it was on Friday, so after making sure I took all of my asthma meds, and an antihistamine (to be on the safe side), I met up with the group and took off. Smaller group today, as we were missing a few, but I know C. was having troubles with the smoke all week, so I think she wisely decided not to push it.

We pretty much broke our pace group into two smaller groups, with myself and K. in front and J. & M. running a bit slower. With our walk breaks, K. and I managed to maintain (first time ever) our goal LSD pace of 8:01/km! Woot-woot!! We ran west out to Bowness, ran past pretty houses on the river (a good 75% of them for sale right now...come on, Lottery Gods!), crossed the river, up Blood n' Guts hill (I do not lie...that is what it is called), through the park along the ridge (where you could really see how bad the smoke was) and back down to the river and east to Eau Claire. Finished the 29km (no detours this week) with about a half km to walk in, walking past the vendors set up for the Flow on the Bow event. One boot camp group asked if we wanted to try kick-boxing since we "looked so fit", but once we explained we had just finished running 29k, he thought maybe he should treat us to a massage instead! Sorry...despite the cooler temperatures, there's a kiddie pool with ice water in it calling my name!

After a quick refuel of chocolate milk and fruit salad, I went off to feed my friend's cats, gave them cuddles, stopping into Starbucks for a coffee and ham/egg sandwich (lunch!) before heading down to check up on M&D. Yes, I am that honest with them both!! Found them both fed and up and about, so left to head for home. I was tired and ready to flake on my couch for the night. Long runs make for short days, as most of the morning/afternoon is spent running. Marathon training really is a huge time commitment.

While dinner last night was pasta with sauce, I thought I'd show you what I was inspired to make on Friday. I found my all time favourite bottle of wine, CedarCreek Meritage, which I was very excited about. Sadly, it does cost quite a bit (seriously?? It's a BC wine, not being shipped in from Australia or the likes...) but I will be sure to enjoy every single drop, most likely enjoying a glass every night till it's gone.
While poking around their website to find out where I could buy it here (and then stumbled upon it where I least expected to) was tempted by the feature recipe for a scallop salad. It was absolutely delish, and something I will try again. The real key is to make the maple crusted pecans with a touch of chili powder and sea, sweet and salty all in one bite. O.M.GEE!!!!
Do wish I had a better camera now though...hard to make out the serious goodness that this meal was. Maybe that will be my next marathon gift to myself...mmmm...
Hope everyone had a great weekend and great plans for the week ahead.

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