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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soggy Sunday run

It is August 29th...I checked the calendar twice. So why is it only +5C (or about 40F) and raining?? I actually had to hunt around for a long-sleeved running shirt. I do worry about over-dressing when it's like this, because I tend to overheat very quickly. So, capris, long-sleeved technical shirt and wind-breaker shell. That was it for today's 32km (20 miles) run.

Breakfast was something a bit new, as I bought steel-cut oats ages ago, but it hasn't felt like an "oatmeal" kind of morning since. Today was just that kind of day. I added almond slices and craisons with a splash of milk before chowing down. Takes a little longer to cook, but I do like the meaty substance to it. Mixed up my running fluid/fuel of water, sea salt and orange juice, filled the camel back and I was off.

Our route today was pretty from Eau Claire Market Running Room to Glenmore Landing Running Room. Turn around and come back. Simple... When we got there, both C. & J. were MIA, as they decided they were running together (they are doing Chicago together) and going a different way, as one doesn't like the one hill you have to climb. It's not that bad, seriously. I think the route they chose had worse hills, and is right along the freeway. Gasp, choke, cough, sputter...mmmmm...diesel fumes. Yummy! Our route takes us into the East Village, following first the Bow River. Then we hit Fort Calgary, hang a right and start following the Elbow River (Calgary originated as a Northwest Mounted Police Outpost (the RCMP today), and they built the fort where the two rivers joined). Follow the Elbow River pathway around behind our Stampede Grounds, through the Mission area, down through Rideau, in behind Stanley Park, through Stanley Park, through the Riverside community, to Sandy Beach and up Sandy Bitch...oops, Beach hill (this is the hill in question earlier). Cross the ridge, down over the Causeway (Glenmore Dam), over Glenmore Trail to the path behind Rockyview Hospital, and along the ridge overlooking Glenmore Lake (Calgary's water supply), through the community of Eagle Ridge, past Heritage Park and back onto the pathway to Glenmore Landing. It is a very pretty run, through loads of parks and past big, fancy-schmancy houses and yards.

Once here, both K. and C. (usually runs with the 4:40 group but decided to run with us today) had to make a pit stop, so I grabbed some water while I waited. Not the wisest move, as I really cooled down quickly, and once back outside thought "brrr...we have to run another 16km home!", but warmed up quick enough. Despite the almost constant drizzle, it really wasn't that bad outside. Actually perfect for a long run. At least there wasn't any heatstroke to contend with, and none of us ran out of water!

Got back to Eau Claire in 4 hours and 20 minutes, maintaining a decent pace (with walk breaks) of 8:08/km. A hair slower than last week, but we did stop to wait for C. a couple of times towards the end, as her knee was bugging her. And this was officially her longest distance run to date.

After stretching, I changed my shirt and met up with another friend S. for coffee. I was starving so had a little bowl of homemade Mac & Cheese and a vegetable (green pepper and eggplant...that was it) panani, along with a much needed latte. We had our visit, then I went over to B's to feed the kitties. Their mommy will be home Tuesday, so my life may actually slow down a little, with way less running around. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...who am I kidding?!?!

Got home around 4, chatted with H-woman for a while (who had an awesome race about it on her blog) before deciding on dinner. While I roasted some cauliflower in the oven, I whipped over to Safeway for some essentials....milk, salmon, canned milk (I'm going to try the new Epicure Seafood Chowder tomorrow night), curry sauce (settled on a Masala), lentils (on sale, with bonus airmiles...yay!) and a loaf of bread. I am really trying to pack lunches all week...we'll see how that goes. I had some samosas getting ready for lunch yesterday when I was called away on a parental emergency (they were out of cat food...nothing medical!), so I reheated those, threw the cauliflower, some tomatoes, the lentils and the curry sauce together and had myself a downright decent dinner. With more than enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Busy week coming up between tenants moving in and out and it being year end at work. We celebrate with a wine & cheese on "New Year's", which is always nice. Throw in boot camp, running clinics, two more days of cat sitting and parental concerns, and I'm going to deserve next week's 3-day weekend!!

On that note,

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