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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hate this part

Of being Resident Manager, that is. Showing the apartments...people are so freaking picky these days. They want the very best of everything at the very lowest of costs. I, too, would love to live in one of the new concrete and glass condos for $750 a month, but sadly, it's not going to happen. Saw an ad at the grocery store for just such a place, and they were asking $1590...for less room than ours. Anyway, here I sit, waiting for my 11:00...yes, I understand it's currently 11:08, but I think maybe they don't drive, so I'll be patient. Just can't really start anything, because I know the second I get into it, the door will buzz.

Not much else planned for the day. Heading down to M&D's to make sure they both survived the night, and to help my brother move the patio furniture out of storage for them. Dad says he wants to sit outside, so we'll accommodate him as much as possible. It's been forever since he breathed fresh air...I think he really missed it! Then I'll try to figure out something to take for dinner for them for tomorrow night. Something Mom can reheat, and not worry about the stove or oven. Think I'll also go for a run this afternoon. I know I shouldn't, with tomorrow being a lovely 26km LSD, but I also didn't make it out Tuesday or Thursday, and am feeling sluggish as a result. I think a nice 10km would feel awesome. Again...who am I, and what have I done with the lazy woman of my past?!?!

Breakfast was supposed to be dippy eggs and toast, but I left the eggs just a smidgen too long, so they were spready eggs and toast. I like dippy way better!

Okay, it's 11:13 now, and now I'm getting impatient...I'll see what I can putter around and do while I wait. Have I mentioned how much I hate this part?!


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