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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday thoughts

- managed to remove 1.8 pounds this week. Maintaining control despite constant chaos appears to be the key.
- great hills training last night. I know, it's sick and twisted, but I love the feeling of power when I'm smoking up a hill...average pace for the 7 hill repeats? 6:30/km!
- heatstroke on Sunday, had to wear long-sleeves on Tuesday, +29C yesterday, smoke-filled city today!! And people wonder why I have breathing problems!
- picking up Dad from hospital this afternoon. Despite all thoughts against, he is determined to go home. So, that is what we are doing. Home Care comes in for their assessment tomorrow, and hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) this works out for the better this time!
- had lousy Chinese at lunch - tempted by fresh mango chicken which was disgusting. Threw out the chicken, kept the mango!! The S&P squid wasn't bad, as was the Palace Style chicken. Should have stuck to my first thoughts of mango cucumber salad.
- brought running gear to do 8k steady, but now am off to go pick up Dad. I'm certain I'll have loads to talk about tomorrow.



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That smoke is from us, so I have to apologize for that ;) Everytime I step outside it feels like I'm holding my head over a campfire and breathing in. Not fun!

Carol said...

It's even worse this morning, and that's after a massive hail/rain storm at 6am! I honestly can't see further than a couple of blocks out of the office window right now. Crazy! Hope it clears by Sunday, as 29km in this is not going to be fun for me!!

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