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Friday, August 6, 2010

Home on a Friday night

Actually at home...right after boot camp...eating dinner BEFORE 9 o'clock. I really don't know what to do with myself!

Mom & I went by the home last night to pack Dad up, and found him having another one of his 'episodes'. The nurses had called me several times during the day, stating he refused breakfast, he's not being social, he's refused lunch, etc. I'm beginning to think these episodes are linked to stresses for him, as the last one was the day after the meeting with the transition people to discuss moving him. Anyway, he was a sleeping beauty while Mom & I packed up everything he wouldn't need for today and took it all home. One more phone call from the nurse, to let me know that Dad woke up and ate a little, but was still sleepy. Told them to call me if anything else happened, but nothing. No news is good news, right?

This morning, after I got a little lay-in (7:30 alarms are so much more civilized than 5:30 ones!), I drove to Walmart and picked up a baby monitor, so that Mom could listen to Dad sleeping, or listen for trouble. That was her biggest concern, and I hope this gives them some piece of mind. Talk about a funny conversation though, as I was raised without such technology and Mom had no idea what I was talking about! Set those up, vacuumed the family room (where Dad will be living) and headed off to collect him. We were held up a bit, as the nurses wanted to change his dressings (from when he fell earlier this week) and then packed up what was left (concentrator, meds, old meds, gauze and such) and then as one of the techs took the bulk to the door, I walked down the hall with Dad. This reminded me why I will take care of myself and run. My Dad was a big construction worker...imposing, he was a very frail, very OLD man. Breaks my heart. But as one of the nurses put it, an old man sporting the biggest grin ever!! He was thrilled to be going home.

As we were leaving the centre, the medical supply store called to say they were delivering the bed, so the timing was perfect. Got Dad home and into the house (another wee bit of an adventure, as there were stairs (where he fell in January!) and other obstacles to get him in the house. Finally got him in and set up, and organized. Made up the bed, made sure they were both okay (Dad was enjoying a bowl of cereal) before I finally took off for work. It was close to noon before I made it in. Once again, I am ever so thankful I work where I do and for whom I do, as no one questioned why I wasn't at work in the morning. I was starving, as I had a glass of milk before I left the house at 8:45, so I had the lunch special. It was tortellini, but unfortunately in an Alfredo sauce instead of a healthy tomato sauce. I did have the green salad as a side, and a serving of fruit too, so hopefully counter-attacked the creamy goodness!

Since I drove to work, I threw all my gear in the car, thinking I would just change at boot camp. By about 4 though, I was more than ready to just go home and veg, but I forced myself to drive to Edworthy Park. I am glad I did...I needed the massive sweat-a-thon we had today! Run out and up Douglas Fir, where one of the other members decided to release their inner Josh and had us running some drills. Then back to the mats and more circuit training. While I hate doing it at the time, Josh really makes sure all body parts are working, including the heart. Bicycles followed by overhead leg drops, sprint, jumping jacks followed by mountain climbers, sprint, squat presses followed by overhead extensions, sprint, squats followed by lunges, sprint and repeat all the way back to the mats. Then we added push ups, burbees, curls and sumo squats. Did that for a while, stopped for water and then upped the reps for the next round. Did that for a while before ending on the mats with plank, twists and sit-ups. I can feel it everywhere right now.

Came home...wait...I came home after boot camp instead of driving across the city. Whatever was I to do with myself??? I ate dinner, before 9pm, which was a good salad of mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, zucchinis and mushrooms) tossed with Romano beans, queen green olives and garlicky Epicure Classic Vinaigrette. It's been sitting in the fridge overnight, and with a smattering of parm cheese sprinkled on top, it was filling and quite satisfying. Oh, and tasty too! Next time I may had cooked shrimp instead of the beans...yum.

Flaked on the couch, watching the tail end of K-Pax and 16 Candles. Have seen the latter about a zillion times (after all, that was from MY era) but I always feel compelled to watch it, just like Dirty Dancing.

Okay, I am heading to bed. I've got to clean the building tomorrow and show an apartment...hopefully I'll rent both out as it's two roommates that no longer want to be roommates...I don't ask. I just rent! It would be sweet to have this over and done with before the weekend is done. That and a 26km on Sunday is about all I've got planned, besides checking up on the parents at some point. I did call them and they sound okay...settling back into routine with each other. I'll keep my phone handy, just in case.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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