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Friday, August 13, 2010

What the?!?!?!

Get home from work yesterday, and after dropping everything off in the bedroom, I follow my usual routine of turning on the computer. Must see what has happened in the world since I last shut it off, oh-so-few hours ago!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!

Okay, breathe....reset power bar. Other things have still dead to the world. Unplug everything, reset power's official. Please remove any headgear and bow your head for a moment of silence and quiet reflection over the death of my computer! Why, I cry...why so young???

Came to work (luckily, I work in the telecommunications industry, so am surrounded with computer savvy types) and after asking around, realized my diagnosis was accurate and she has indeed passed. After discussing options (but oddly, no tears of frustration...I am taking this very calmly), I put in my order for a new Dell CPU, which hopefully will be here well before the estimated August 30th date. Until then, blogs from me will be few and far between.

Just to share before I log off...Marcello's makes the most amazing cucumber and mango salad EVER!! It has coconut in the dressing, and I could honestly eat it every day. I'm on day 3 now! Sunday's long run has us going on a field trip, as we're taking the train to the far south and running back. Check out the route here. It should be fun!

That's it for me...time to return to work.

Later (much, much, much later)

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