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Saturday, August 7, 2010

27 hours...

That's how long my Dad was at home. Sigh... Got the call this afternoon that he was on his way to the hospital, after he collapsed. Now what he was doing is a big question, as he apparently didn't like the way the concentrator (the thing that generates his oxygen) was working or not working. My younger brother and his wife happened to pull up right behind the ambulance, and said that Dad had the thing in pieces. What that is all about is a mystery, as the equipment has worked just fine right up to and including yesterday. He did say something about it not working and we needed to contact the company to get it looked at, but then in the next breath spoke of their cat running around with one of the oxygen masks on, chasing the two dogs. My parents don't have, truth or one whacked out, infected brain??

Got Mom and headed over to Rockyview - my, we have come full circle, haven't we?? - and met up with Dad in emerg. The doctor and nurses think he has pneumonia (yet again) and are worried about his feet swelling (yet again) and are admitting him - yet again. Cancelled Nurses Next Door, for Monday at least, and will speak to the Meals people about Dad's portions. Although Mom thinks send them anyway, and she'll just freeze them. So we'll see what comes on Monday. It appears that nothing has changed. Dropped Mom off, made sure she was okay and drove to McDonald's. I did try something new, for once, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe (it's "new")...way too much pepper though...guess it's supposed to be peppered bacon, but it was just bacon with a bunch of pepper dumped on it.

I did manage to rent out one of my suites available today though, which makes me happy. And I have someone coming by tomorrow to look at the other one. Hope this means that by tomorrow night, I will be full at the inn again. Which will be a nice thing, given the inordinately high number of for rent signs in Calgary right now.

Enjoying some Liberte Mediterranee Lemon yogurt. Wasn't sure, as I thought it would be too sour or bitter, but it's quite delicious. Still not my coconut favourite, but it is a very close second. Trying to get some water in now too, as I will be up bright and early for our 26km LSD. Sounds like we're trying a new route, so the goal will not to get lost and not lose my end runners. I do need to run though, as that rids me of my stress.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday.


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