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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did Tuesday go?

Year end at work, so we had a wine & cheese to celebrate. I then went to run clinic, and did a great 6k tempo run with the group. After that, went to Mom's and over to the hospital to check in on Dad.

Got the "full Monty" as he wanted to show me where the infection is...there are just some things daughters should not see!!! That is one!!!! Lord... He's not doing great this time around, really laboured with the breathing and hallucinating again with the infection. Could be a long stay this time around.

Today was Day 1 at work, and while it is a crazy day, it's really no different for my team. Although my coworker would beg to differ. Because I knew I'd be on hospital patrol again, I ran my hills at lunch. In the wind...and the rain...and the cold...and on very few hours of sleep! But I cranked out 6. They weren't the prettiest I've ever done, but I did them and feel great.
Dad finally got moved to a room today (he went into emergency at 5:30am Monday, moved in the Medical Assessment Unit (holding area) Tuesday morning and got into his room this afternoon around 4:00. That's a long time in holding with no TV, phone, radio or anything. Just walls and medical equipment to stare at! Still doesn't seem great, but he wasn't talking crazy tonight, so maybe the antibiotics are starting to kick in.

I was going to meet up with the group for beer, but then decided I am just tired and came home. Got the rents ready for the building, and handed out the receipts. Had dinner of mini-wheats (straight out of the box, thank you very much!) and the last of the soups from Mom. A lentil (not bad) and a turkey vegetable (just all right). That should fill the hole till tomorrow.

That's it for me tonight. I'm done.


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