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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday already

Laid low yesterday, as still recovering from cold/flu. Did make it to the Epicure Product Launch, which was good - love the returning and new stuff for summer. I even made Mango Chutney, from scratch (okay, with a little help from Epicure!) was very easy and highly tasty! I will most likely add some chili next time to up the heat, but it's a nice condiment. Along with the chutney, we are bringing back our BBQ rubs (Tuscan, Fish, BBQ, Beef & Steak, Teriyaki & Tex Mex) and introducing Montreal Spice for Beef and Montreal Spice for Chicken. Steak Sauce mix, Smokey Ranch dip, Italian dressing, Maple Kettle popcorn topping...the list goes on and on. Be sure to check out the website and book your party with a local consultant (or me!) - most awesome stuff.
I did manage to do my 6k tempo at lunch today, and despite the cold/flu and hacking up a lung halfway, I managed to maintain a pace of 7:34. Then I hit up Boot Camp after work (since I missed Friday and yesterday) and hacked up the other lung!! I honestly feel much better now!!!
Dad is still in the hospital, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel...oooo...bad example! He's supposed to get some retro-fitting in his bathroom to make life easier at home, which means he could be heading that way soon. We still don't know when though. And tonight he just didn't look well - very pale and trouble breathing. Mom wants him home, though, so I hope this all works out soon enough. Even got her to contemplate home care, which she usually has a fit about, so things are looking up.
I did arrive home late tonight, so dinner is a sliced tomato, some artichoke hearts, toasted thin bun with some spinach & artichoke spread (not Epicure, and so not as good!). It's filling a void, and right now that's all the matters.
Heading for bed shortly. I'm still recovering from Sunday's no sleep night (I "may" have exceeded the recommended daily dosage of Advil Cold & Sinus, and lay awake all night as a result!!), so one more good solid night of sleep will be good for me.
That's it...

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