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Friday, April 2, 2010

A really Good Friday

I HEART four day weekends!
It started with a lovely lie-in. Okay, so I was up by 8am...sad that that's "sleeping in" for me these days! I remember when, not so long ago, friends were under strict orders to dare not call before 11 am on weekends! Oh, how I miss those days sometimes.
Made a very strong latte, and mixed up some oats, Liberte plain Greek Yogurt, a touch of brown sugar, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds and some peaches. Kind of bland looking, but quite delish and satisfying.
Spent the morning puttering around, reading blogs and catching up on other things.
Finally felt growly about noonish, so made a quick shrimp Caesar salad. I used a toasted Dempsters bagel as my croutons, and baked the shrimp on my clay baker till they were done. Tossed the salad with some baby artichoke hearts, to up the vegetable factor (and because they are sooooooooo good) and chowed down.
More puttering, and had a wee Criminal Minds marathon, from my PVR. Finally decided to get ready for Boot Camp, which was running like normal today. Yay! I do love getting my sweat on, and after last night's race - oops, run - I was ready to get the muscles stretched out some more. That and I really do like sweating every day!
We decided that even though the City feels the path should remain closed that Douglas Fir was ready to run again!! Actually, it felt good!!! Heart was pounding my chest, and I was gasping for air, but for once I wasn't at the back of the pack, but leading a few newbies through the paces! That felt good!! Up to the top, down about a quarter of the way, back up to the top and then some speed drills up and down the staircase. I have a very happy set of buttocks right now! Back to our mats, where we picked up our weights (seriously...what was I thinking?? 10 pounds?!?!) and did some squats, sprints, lunges, sprints, push-ups, get the drill. My arms felt like they were close to falling off by the end, but I sucked it up, made my ugly face and got 'er done! Then we hit the mats for core/ab work. Man, I feel such a difference in my abs right now. I actually enjoy (I know...sick and twisted) the fact that I can do the whole core routine without stopping.
Class was over before we knew it, and after verifying that there will be a class on Monday, I came home and whipped together a really quick dinner of whole wheat bowties, Epicure Pesto mix and drained canned tomatoes. Needed to add some protein, so I had a side of 1% cottage cheese with Epicure Italian (formally Summer Garden) Sansel on top. Now I'm letting it sit, and doing my best to ignore the mini eggs in my freezer. Yes, they are still there...calling out to me. Lalala...I can't hear you!!!
All right...going to partake in some more water, take out my contacts and get comfy on the couch with the kids for some cuddling and more Criminal Minds. Then maybe I'll move on to Medium or Cold Case. I have a bit stored in the old PVR...really should get caught up.
Hope everyone had a great day.

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