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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday in review

Really nothing exciting today as Easter, like all holidays, birthdays, and days of significance of any sort are really non-events with my family these days. Got up early, as normal, and went down to the Running Room to do the long slow today. We were scheduled to run 29km today, but my pacer is in Florida, so I was running alone. We all know how well that worked last year...but I also knew that I could not keep up with the 4:45 group (I do know, and openly admit my limitations), so I headed of. We were doing the Bowfort Park route again, only this time approaching from the East, which is way hillier. Good practice for the Big Run I'll be doing in May.
I did plug in my iPod, which I rarely run with anymore, and stayed totally on track with 10:1's the whole way. Pre-run fuel was a Dempsters bagel with PB & banana and a half bowl of oatmeal made with yogurt and peaches. I once again ran with my OJ/water combo, and remarkably that fueled the whole run...I didn't once feel like I needed a goo or anything to pump me up.
It was a nice day, albeit slightly cooler at about +1C when we started and +6 when we finished...but the wind was constant, from the west (awesome...a headwind!) and cold! Especially off the river...brrrr... I made it to Bowfort though, and I managed to run each and every hill without stopping or walking (unless it was a walk break) - I am really pleased with that. Got momentarily lost on the route back (missed a turn) but got back on track quickly, and ran out the rest of the run on my own.
4:12.17 to finish
8:42/km pace
137 bpm (79% max)
1,693 cal burned
Did some stretching, grabbed a very large, extra shot latte (didn't have coffee before I left) and came home to change and clean up.
Did head down to the parents, mainly to check up on them. Yesterday, I got the call that I had to drop everything and rush down to vacuum their house, as Dad needed to call 911. Not sure if that is code...not sure if I took the right parent in for Alzheimer's assessment...really not sure of anything! I did have an appointment though, and after talking to my mom and determined all was well, although I did piss off my father and was branded "worse daughter ever". That lead to a bit of emotional eating last night, although H-woman and I did some serious carb loading at an awesome sushi place here in town.
Anyway, got to my parents today (the run did wonders in relieving a ton of my stress) and found everything to be hunky-dory. Dad was still at home (changed his mind about 911), floor still needed to be vacuumed, and Mom completely forgot we even had a conversation yesterday!! And Dad seemed happy to see me. Sigh... Had a visit, made sure they had food in the fridge, did some tidying up, clipped the cats claws (and reassured Dad that if anything happened to them, the cats would have a loving, cat-crowded home with me) and then headed for home, stopping in at Coop along the way to pick up some staples to get me through the next few days.
Dinner (I totally skipped lunch...really not hungry...okay, that is odd!) was corn chips, spinach dip and salsa. Lent is over, so dips for dinner is back on!! I know I should have something more substantial, but I really am not hungry. Maybe I still have loads of sushi and rice from last night in me!!
I am thinking it's almost bed time (I am tired), so I'm going to finish up my water and see what happens. I am off tomorrow, so do get to sleep in one more time.
Hope everyone spent the Easter weekend enjoying it to their best expectations.

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