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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am a routine girl...I like to do the same thing, the same day, the same way. Okay, so it's probably a wee touch of OCD, but there's nothing wrong with that! Since my dad has been in the hospital, I find my routine has been shaken up and I admit I don't like it!
Yesterday was work, and since I crashed so early on Sunday, I didn't make or pack breakfast/lunch. After work, I hurried home, changed and went to a much needed boot camp, yes, in the snow/rain. I did not care if it turned out to be just me and Josh, I needed to SWEAT!! However, there were about 15 of us there, so we got our sweat on. While Josh dealt with some newbies, and the rest of the gang went up the BA hill, I ran the roadway up. My legs were immediately bagged from Sunday's 32k, so I did end up walking a few times. The road is roughly 1km in length, so I got in a good run up, and then a relaxed run back down. I love running down hill...some people say it hurts their knees, but since learning to lean into it (most people lean back and that causes the stress to the knees) and letting the gravity do all the work, I just fly down them. We then did a ton of lunges and burpees (oh, the burpees), followed by mucho arm/leg/core work. Everything hurt by the end of that hour!!
After class, I drove straight to Mom's, collected her and the latest of Dad's "bring me" list (which involved me removing my hatch lid and dropping the back seat...I think he's running away from home...) and got to the hospital. Got him settled with his TV (didn't understand the difference between digital (not available) and analog, so was getting frustrated), watched him yell at a young nurse, told him to behave (he would have never let me act that way!!), chatted about a bunch of nothing, and finally got Mom home just after 8. I was freezing (it was raining during Boot Camp, and I didn't have time to change) and HUNGRY!!! I don't eat dinner before boot camp, as I don't want to risk being the first to vomit. As I was driving home, I was thinking of what I could eat but realized that I did not want to start cooking dinner at 8:30...McD's is was!!
Today was not really any better. I went out for my tempo run at lunch - my Garmin decided it wanted to be a compass instead of a exercise assistant though, and I was afraid to touch it again, so I just ran. I had no idea of my pace or heart rate, but I just ran. Then the city decided that doing some stupid construction in the middle.of.the.running.path was in order, so they CLOSED a section of it, but that's okay, because they left us a whole 6 inches of dirt and rocks to run on to get by!!! Now I'm beyond mad, I'm steaming, and still don't know how fast I'm going. Cross the river this time to avoid said construction mess on the return, and get passed by the Snobby McSnobberson running group, only to watch one of the jackasses decide to chase down and freak out a poor goose eating beside the pathway! That just pissed me right off!!!! Really!!! What was the goose doing to him?!?! That's right...NOTHING!!!!! Oh, man I was choked by now!!! And still no idea of what I was doing. Finally got the magic bells telling me my run was done, and there it was...7:15 average pace for 6km. Oopie...not quite the warm-up/cool-down, 7:48 average pace I was looking for!! Speed work is tomorrow night...must remember that!
Since it was a McD's night, and again, I sat up too late and got up too late, I ate at the office deli again. I did ask for half the rice at lunch, but it was the crabby old dude cook, who spared two cauliflower florets for, the other guy would have given me more cauliflower without even thinking about it! Rude!
Came home, changed and went to boot camp, since I missed last Friday's class. In fact, most of Monday's class was there! It had at least stopped raining/snowing, so it was drier than last night, but we made up for it by sweating hard. Sprints up a small hill, followed by many, many, many, MANY squats and lunges!!! In fact, we spent most of the first 45 minutes alternating between the two, with some upper body work thrown in for fun. Ended on the mats doing core. I am already feeling the double workout whammy...feels good.
As I was leaving the parking lot, I thought I should phone Mom. She did say last night that we were taking a night off from the hospital, but for what ever reason, I thought I should confirm. Glad I Dad had yet another "I can't live without this for another 5 minutes or I will die" list...socks & underwear...which is odd, because we took him a suitcase with both items in abundance on well as another bunch last night. Don't ask me what the man has done with 9 pairs of socks and underwear, but we had to rush over more tonight!!! At least he's not a loopy as he was on the weekend, but really...more underwear?!?! Turns out he couldn't wear some of them because they were too big/small/tight/loose/black/white. I don't know...I zoned out and stopped caring.
Dropped Mom off at home at 8, so guess what that meant!? Yes, two nights in a row...McD's. I will need to run super hard at clinic tomorrow night, providing of course that I won't be driving Mom to the hospital. Perhaps one of my siblings to pick her up...that or pigs will fly out my could go either way!

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