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Friday, April 16, 2010

Did my best

Really I did...I took vitamin C, E, Zinc...I stayed away from everyone hacking and sneezing and spewing germs...but to no avail. I am sick today! And in a first, I woke up at 5:30, called in sick and went back to bed!! I did have to get dressed and head out once, to feed a friend's cats and pick up OJ and Advil Cold - typical that I would be out of both when the cold hits! Of course, if I'm going to be stuck indoors sick, let's make sure it's when it's sunny and +18C out there!! Boot Camp would have rocked in the sunshine!!! Sad for me...
My Dad is still in the hospital, and by the sounds of things, they may be keeping him for awhile. I'm not going anywhere near him today, and tomorrow I may just drop Mom off, and pick her up, if I don't feel any better. She is terrified of getting lost in the parking lot, hospital, corridor, etc, so I'm not quite sure how to negotiate this yet. She won't go without me, and both of my brothers live out of town. Not far out of town, mind you, but still.
So what have I done this week? Not much, really. Work, run, work, boot camp, work, get the trend. Food has not been stellar, but I am working on that. Weigh in tomorrow should be interesting, as we await the backlash of McD's twice in a row! Even as I type, I'm trying to get motivated to make something for supper that isn't out of a can or box. We shall see what we end up with.
I'm heading back to the couch...sitting up is hard!

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