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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A real quickie

Just getting home from there at 10 and found out didn't need to be there till noon. Sigh... Raced home in freakiest of snowstorms - it wasn't cold enough to be a blizzard but I think the amount of snow and the wind made up for that! After changing for the Hoedown...why must every non-Calgarian plan Calgary events and assume that means we want to go Western and have a Hoedown?!?! Got back downtown in heart of snowstorm - took longer to drive the 1.85km than it did to walk! - and had a mediocre Chinese dinner at the Regency Palace. We paid $15 each (and there were probably 100-150 of us) for a spring roll, some kind of shrimp/scallop mix, ginger beef, mixed vegs, fried rice, S&P squid and lemon chicken. That's one plate of each per table of 8. There really wasn't a lot of food. And everything came out one at a we had plate 1 and then nothing, plate 2 and then nothing. It was very odd...and we had a pool going as to when the power would officially die, as the lights flickered on and off for a good hour!
Storm let up and we walked back to the convention centre for our Hoedown. Had one beer, wore my "costume" (a Daisy Duke apron), gambled away $20,000 (and rather quickly, at that!), gathered up my swag and after dropping a friend off, came home.
Tomorrow starts at 9, so I'll be heading down early to grab a very large Starbucks. There is supposed to be a dress up gala tomorrow night, which I had wanted to attend, but found out today that my dad went back into the hospital, so I'll skipping it to drive Mom to the hospital to get our inevitable "to do" and "to bring" and "to pick up" lists. Oh, and visit Dad, of course!
No running today, no WW (I was just too darn tired this morning, so I'll drive up to Dalhousie on Saturday). And now no Boot Camp tomorrow or running...nothing on Saturday. I'll feel downright slug-like by Sunday's 32km at this rate.

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