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Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Policeman's Half

A good time was had by all. As mentioned earlier, I PB'd, which is AWESOME! I really felt it today, and think next week's Big Run is going to be as or even more awesome!!
Woke up bright and early, had a whole grain bagel with PB & banana, a glass of chocolate moo and some OJ. Mixed up my usual long run mix of OJ, water & sea salt, picked up K. (my pace bunny, who was running under the name of Carrie today - I was Al!) just after 7 am. Got to Mount Royal University, parked, and wandered around, trying to find anyone we knew. Think there was about 3,000 runners there today (it was the 30th Anniversary this year) although there was also a 5km run/walk. After a quick potty break, we joined the masses and started out in what can only be described as perfect running weather. The snow had stopped overnight, and the paths were just wet, not icy or sloppy, it was overcast (no bright sun), with a bit of a breeze, and +1-+2C. Absolutely perfect!!
K. works a lot of the Thursday clinic nights, so she misses out on a lot of the steady runs we do. While we were both treating this a bit like our usual long/slow, I also wanted to we decided that we would go as far as we could before having to walk...we made it to about the 9km mark, which was really great for K. After a water, and another potty break for K., we took off again, although it takes a minute for my legs to remember to run after standing around. Pace was good the whole way, doing a great job of maintaining a 7:30-7:40 pace.
We started at the University, ran east down 50th Ave till we hit the running paths, ran south over the reservoir, past the Hospital, down and through Eagleridge community, past Heritage Park and back onto the pathway past Glenmore Landing. Onto 90th Ave, and west up to South Glenmore Park, where we hit the path again and entered the Weaslehead natural area. One very steep hill down, and through the park until we get to the very, very steep hill back up to North Glenmore Park. Made it almost the whole way up the hill before my legs died out and had to walk, but started running right away at the top. East again to Crowchild, but weaved through the neighbourhood till we crossed Glenmore Trail (over a very large pedestrian overpass, which we both decided to walk up to save our legs) and made our way back to 50th...turned west to home!
Even though we started out near the end, we slowly but surely started passing people, and during the last mile, we probably blew past 15-20 runners. That felt GOOD!!! Finished, verified our times (potty break cost us 2 minutes, but I'm claiming my Garmin time!), grabbed a banana and some of the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had, and after catching up with others from our running group, headed for home.
Dropped K. off, jumped in the shower and was back in the northwest for lunch at Earl's with some of the Epicure ladies. Had the smoked salmon and avocado eggs benny with hash browns and fruit salad (brunch menu)...heck, I burned off 1,667 calories, so I'm having hollandaise sauce if I want it!!
After lunch, I drove from the northwest to the southwest, and switched to my Mom's car, as my nephew and his girlfriend were coming to the hospital with us today. Dad wasn't looking great, but didn't look too bad either. Apparently one of the doctors did try to call me, but it was on my cell and I was driving at the time, and even though it's not law here (yet), I try to ignore my cell while hurtling down a traffic-filled roadway! They didn't leave a message, so hopefully they will try again tomorrow.
Dropped Mom off, dropped nephew and the girl at the train station downtown and came home to a dinner of salad and tomato pizza. Now I am doing my best to keep my eyes open, but I am fading fast!! It's been a loooonnnngggg day!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

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