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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring run

Sorry no blog yesterday. I took the evening off! My younger brother was taking my Mom to visit Dad at the hospital, and once I got home from work I decided I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything! It was glorious!!
Typical Calgary spring-time weather out there...rain/sleet/snow and high winds. In fact, we are under a Heavy Snowfall Warning for overnight...could be close to a foot of snow on the ground by morning. As long as it's gone by Saturday (or at least gone from the roads/paths) as I'm running the Big Run Half in the morning. I don't mind running when it's cooler, in fact I prefer it, but I hate slogging through wet snow. I want to beat my PB time of last week, and really can't wait to push myself on the hills of Blood & Guts. Seriously, what have I done with myself?!?!
There were oh so few of us at run clinic could tell the seriously hardcore runners (and I was proud to be one of them). We were to do 10km, with the first 3-4km being a nice steady pace, and then picking up to race-pace for the next 3-4 and then cool off on the run home. However, Mother Nature decided against us...we headed out, and since everyone else seemed to be of the 4:15 or faster group, we were really going at a serious clip. I managed to keep up with most of the group, but was really feeling it when I started running with Garrath directly. He is just a wealth of information and support, and I love running with him. Granted, it almost kills me, as we were doing 6:30 at one point (my steady pace should be 8:37, with a race pace of 7:36 - you understand my dilemma!!). After we crossed the river and were facing north, we were hit with the full brunt of the storm. It practically pushed me backwards at one point...Most of us gave up on race pace, and did our best just to finish, although we did cross back early and only did 7.36km. Okay, not "only" but we didn't finish the full run. Tomorrow night is the last class of clinic, and I am sad, but will dig for more marathon tidbits from Garrath and the rest of the group. While many are heading out to Vancouver for Sunday's run, there are quite a few of us running Calgary (including Garrath) so we'll continue our training schedule for the month of May.
Came home (the usuals weren't there for our Wednesday beer) and had to change immediately, as I was soaked to the skin and FROZEN!! Had to have a hot cup of coffee just to warm up from the inside too. Brrrrrr...
Have a little meatloaf in my toaster oven, which I'm going to turn into lunch (didn't have time to eat it before the run) for tomorrow. With some tomato 'gravy' and some pasta, it should be rather tasty.
Did my taxes, and sadly owed money. Just a tad, but still...that'll learn me for selling shares!
Okay...I'm off to find something else warm to drink and listen up for sleigh-bells and hoofs on the roof!
Merry April, everyone!

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