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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday night quickie

Not THAT kind of quickie...although hope springs eternal!!
No run last night, as it was the final clinic night, and we all just sat around and quizzed oh-wise-Garrath about marathons and strategies and what ever else came to mind. Some went out for a run afterwards, but since I was one of the hardcore idiots that ran Wednesday in the rain/sleet/snow/wind storm, I took a well deserved night off. wished everyone heading out to Vancouver the best of luck, although it sounds like they may be in for
Boot Camp tonight was awesome, but I may have to hurt Trainer Josh next week - we did a TON of leg work tonight, including a lovely stroll (read: all out run) up Douglas Fir and back. Then there were squats, lunge walking, lunges, more squats, hurdles, ladder and finally sprints and even more squats!!! I'm sure I will "thank" him as I'm tackling the hills of Blood & Guts tomorrow morning.
Dinner is in the belly, and now I am just winding down for the evening, as I'll be up bright and early for tomorrow's Big Run Half. I am actually planning on going to Weight Watchers to weigh in first, so will aim to be at Dalhousie between 6:45-7 (yes, a.m!) so I can then eat my bagel w/PB & banana (can't eat before I get on the scale) and still stop for a coffee on the way to Bowness Park. The race starts at 8, but we already have our chips, so no need to get there ridiculously early to pick them up. It's a new system...last week was the D-tag, which is a thin piece of plastic that you loop through your laces. However, they are finding many runners flatten it, and then their times don't read properly.
And there's always the good old plastic chip, that if you don't fasten well enough with the plastic zipper clip, it falls off, and you don't get your time. Can't count the number of races where I ran past someones chip on the road!
These timers are on the bib itself. Maybe this is used somewhere else, but it's a first for me. You just have to wear your bib...which I'm pretty sure most runners in a race do, so there shouldn't be any glitches. We'll see.

Popped by the hospital to visit Dad - it's been since Monday for me! Sounds like he's coming home on Monday, which is a good thing. Of course, it also means Home Care, which my Mom is upset about, but it's going to be that way or no way, so get used to it. I will make sure I'm there when the nurse comes in to assess, so I can be aware of what's going on.
Tomorrow is going to be a long day:
21.1km run in the morning
Greek cooking class w/dinner in the afternoon
Spa Grand Opening for my hair-dude in the evening. I'm tired already! BUT it also means I will get to sleep in on Sunday...glorious, wonderful sleep!!!

I'll try to get the race details in tomorrow, between the run and cooking class.

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