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Friday, April 23, 2010

Long week

Dad still in hospital, and by the sounds of things, for another week or so at least. He's getting crabby, which upsets my Mom and makes her crabby, and then I get crabby!! Good times in old Cowtown, I tells ya!
I went to my marathon clinic last night, which was great because I needed to RUN last night! Blew some of the stress and stink off me, as I maintained a great pace of 7:15 for the almost 10k route.
Turns out I am running the Policeman's Half Sunday morning (found a bib today) but because the time to change names has well passed, my name is Al. Not sure how Al will feel, running like a girl and all, but hopefully I can do him (and me) proud! There's quite a few from the clinic doing this run, and it's really pretty, with only one B.A. hill out of Weaslehead Park. Of course, it's at the 16-18km mark, when we all have such fresh legs! Will let you know how it goes.
Food has been adequate, at the very best. Can't remember the last time I actually updated my journal, but I have mentally tried to make healthy choices...salads, veggies, lean proteins. I've managed to avoid all sweet things, even tonight grabbing an apple when what I really wanted was something ooey, gooey and chocolatey! We'll see what weigh-in tomorrow has to say.
Not much planned for tomorrow other than clean the building, gather some garbage from the front, take mom to the hospital, pick up the running package and some food for Sunday pre-race brekkie, coffee with the ladies (that's if anyone shows up!) and of course, take Mom to the hospital to visit Dad.
Half marathon Sunday morning, lunch with some Epicure ladies and then...repeat after me...take Mom to the hospital to visit Dad. My poor old beast has had some serious klicks put on it over the last few weeks. We just have to get him healthy, so he can come home. I picked up some stuff to retrofit his bathroom and make it easier for him to get around. I know Mom really wants him home, as do the furbabies. Simon is terribly upset that his Daddy is no where to be found these days. It will be better for everyone, most especially Dad, if we can get him out of the doldrums of sitting in a hospital all day long.
Okay, time for the sack - I am tired and getting hungry, so must go to bed before I empty the fridge!!

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