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Monday, April 5, 2010

Holiday Monday

Last day of the 4-day weekend...blinked, and there it was gone!
Slept in till 8 (such a rebel!), got up and made a latte to get the motors running. Did a load of laundry - all my technical gear. I did buy the special laundry detergent for technical gear (yoikes, it's pricey!) and have noticed that special funk is gone from my shirts. So I guess it's worth every penny.
Just puttered around, really doing a whole lot of nothing. Caught up with some People mags, half watched the 2007 Top Chef marathon on the Food Network, cuddled with the kitties, that kind of stuff. H-woman called and we met up for coffee and a gab. As she's telling me about the crazy lady that verbally assaulted her on the way to yoga this morning, lo and behold, there she is again! Apparently, and I'm not sure what gave us away, but H. and I are not "Canadian" enough for this lady. I love living downtown!! While we were up on the roof patio of Starbucks enjoying our coffees, we spied another friend C., who came up for a visit. She's one of our usual Saturday morning coffee ladies, and it's been awhile since we've all been able to get together, so it was a pleasant surprise and nice visit.
Walked home (no crazies) and after a quick nap with the kids (really fast for me, only 20 minutes) I got up, changed and went to Boot Camp. Trainer Josh was soooooo excited, as the stairs he loves so much were clear and open. Oh boy!!! Stairs!!! After running Blood & Guts legs are soooooo happy!!! But what I had real trouble with today was my asthma. I just could not get into a rhythm breathing, and we all know how important that is. Must be all the dust being blown around, because the wind from yesterday has not died down, at all. I struggled with the suicide drills and the stairs, but finally got everything settled. I am loving how strong I am getting, especially when we're doing core work...where I couldn't even hold my legs off the ground for more than a second before, I am completing the full circuit without stopping now. Boot Camp ROCKS!
Home, changed and decided I wanted KD and grilled sausages. It was a low veggie day, but that's okay, because I know I make up for it other days of the week. And sometimes, you just have to have KD. I pledge to always eat my KD straight out of the pot, with my special KD spoon!!!
And now, I'm winding down, getting ready to hit the hay and tackle my very short week at work. Thursday is the start of the Epicure conference, so I'm only at work tomorrow and Wednesday. I could get used to working less than 5 days a week...this could be bad!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

1 comment:

H-woman said...

Part time baby. It's the only way to go.

Just sayin'....

H =)