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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday morning non-run

No run for me today...the cold slipped quickly and quietly from my sinuses to my chest overnight! I am currently hacking up a storm, but am finding it is a great core workout! All in the silver lining, huh?
Speaking of...despite all the craziness last week with the hospital runs, conference, missed workouts and fast food takeout, I managed to remove 1.4 pounds. Not quite what I have found the week before, but it's still in the right direction and I'll take it! Trying to get into a much better (consistent) food routine this week, and get healthy enough to return to boot camp and running clinics.
Dad is still in the hospital, and it appears this may be for a while yet. But unless I take a day off work so that I can arrange to be at there during doctor's rounds, I'm never going to find out exactly what's going on. Dad has selective hearing sometimes. I'll see what the beginning of this week brings, and if it appears he's there for a while longer, I'll make the necessary arrangements to actually meet with his doctor.
No big plans today...I did sleep in till almost 10, which is what my body needed. I do have to swing by B.'s for one last feeding of the kitties before she arrives home late tonight, and then prep some samples for tomorrow evening's Epicure Product Launch. Exciting stuff, that I will be very happy to share with you all Tuesday!
Tried the KD Smart for dinner last night, and laughed reading the "Sensible Solution" for making it. Instead of 2 tbsp butter/marg and 3 tbsp milk, change that to 2 tbsp non-hydrogenated margarine and 3 tbsp skim milk. Are you kidding me?!?! You still have 2 tbsp of pure fat in there!!!! Here's a thought...skip the butter/marg all together. You don't need it at all. And did you know that the Smart version has a half a serving of vegetables in it?!?! It's made with cauliflower. I can't say I was impressed though...and I think Kraft is trying to trick us all. The original version is a 1/4 box serving, while this one is a 1/3 of a box...larger serving, right? However, once it was all made up, it looked like way less in the pot. Yes, I eat an entire box at once...and I count every point. Have a special pot/spoon that I eat it with too...that is my KD pledge! Anyway, I don't have an original version to compare the overall weight to, but to the eye (and the stomach...I was still hungry last night) it looked like less.
Having a coffee, and off to find some food. I think a quick shower will help me feel better too...I just feel all slimy from the cold, even though I never registered a fever - my body temp is below normal, so it's hard to tell but I was still all hot and sweaty all night. There is a glorious breeze blowing in the windows now, as it's a beautiful spring day in Calgary. The run today would have been lovely.

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