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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow...where has the week gone?
Had a great run on Monday (5k) - one of the fastest I've done in a while (7.26/km average). Off to the chiro for some laser (which I really think is totally useless, but what do I know?) and some ART. Starting to feel better, which is why I feel I must immediately go outside and run some more! Okay, so I didn't run, but I did walk home from the doctors, which is probably close to 3k.
Went in and finished cleaning up a suite before the new tenant could move in...really, people, where has common sense gone?! If you're moving out, leave the place in the same shape that you would like to move in to...the part of my job I hate the most.
Happy New Year!!! That's what we're shouting at work, at least. Yes, another fiscal year has flown by, so now I am surrounded by a bunch of freaking out accountants...good times! My specific function is not quite so stressed by year end, but I did end up missing my Tuesday workout because of it anyway. Which sucked because I was also missing Boot Camp...
Giorgio Armani and I had to go to the vets to learn how to live with his diabetes. Mommy now gets to stick him with a needle twice a day, but he is such a mellow, calm dude...just looks at me with the face like "whacha doin' back there, Mom?? Whatever..." and then returns to his food dish. Seriously, this is freaking me out more so than him. But we've survived several days and I swear he's already majorly improved. Even got a snuggle on the couch from him (hasn't done that in forever) earlier tonight.
Food wise, I've been hit & miss...I found these PopChips at Shopper's Drug Mart. I've read about them on blogs, and thought I'd try them how on earth I ended up with two empty bags is beyond me...they were good, but I'm not a salty person, so I don't need to worry about them calling my name. Now, if they were cookies...bad news! I also tried a bag of the Guiltless Gourmet, and all I have to say is...BLECH!!!! Really didn't like these at all...they were the hard 'break your teeth' texture that I hate, and the chili was too hot for a chip and not enough lime. The bag went in the trash...sorry.

Last night I did make it to Boot Camp, after an ART session, which may not have been the best of plans! I swear Dr. Jay and Trainer Josh are in cahoots with one another!! You break 'em and I'll fix em! We came down the big-arsed Edworthy park hill (after running, squatting and sprinting up the other side), and by the time we returned to the mats, the pain in my ankle and knee were almost unbearable...but I sucked it up (as I do) and came home and put ice on them both. Granted, that was after I had a Green Monster for supper (didn't feel like cooking, and it was freaking hot here yesterday!) and went out to cut the grass. Unless it's lopped off, spurting or blue, remember?? I can hear my father's voice saying "just walk it off, already!"...felt better this morning, and I actually slept the entire night through without waking up in pain.
Decided to run some stairs at lunch today, since I missed them for the last two weeks...and I was actually able to run the stairs, not just walk up them. Granted, I did feel like hurling at the top, but that soon passed! Chatted with some of the guys (and raked in the if only we can get some single guys to notice...), tried some chin-ups from the bars under the stairs...who knows how long those have been there, but it will be a weekly challenge for me to keep trying until I can pump out a decent round of 10 reps.
Picked up H-woman and we both headed off to Boot Camp, where Josh announced that it was a "stairmazing" day!'d think I'd learn by now! But we ran stairs (and I maintained a pretty good pace, I think) and some hills, before heading back to our mats for more hills and burpees, v-sit, oblique crunches, shoulder work, triceps work, overall work...I heart Trainer Josh! Beat the wind-storm home (more damage through out the city) and made Curried Turkey burgers for supper...I have one ready for lunch tomorrow, which I will pair up with a salad. Needs a bit more curry next time, but they really are tasty, and easy. And the place smelled awesome with them on the Griddler. Roasted up some baby potatoes with some lemon juice, evoo & Epicure Souvlaki seasoning (they weren't as burnt as they look here, by the way), and some rather large "cherry" tomatoes.

Mmmm...feeling things starting to seize, so that's my cue to shut things down and head for bed.
One more Boot Camp this week, and then it's the long weekend...hope everyone enjoys their Labour Day celebrations and spends the weekend chillin...I know I will be!

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