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Friday, September 25, 2009


Because we are heading to Canmore this afternoon, we (H-woman) and I went to Boot Camp at 6 AM...yes...that was 6 AM. It was dark outside...H-woman, who is a morning person (they are eeee-vil) and Trainer Josh (also a morning person) seemed to delight in my pain! And I learned...I don't do exercise in the morning well. Heck, I have enough trouble with just putting one foot in front of the other. Does this look like the face of someone who enjoys mornings?!
I found the climb up the big-assed Edworthy hill extremely challenging, as I tried to wake up the legs, gets the lungs cooperating (needed an extra hit of Ventolin, so they did), and find my footing IN THE DARK!!! Did I mention it's still very, very, very dark at 6 am? That is not morning...that is NIGHT! Although Trainer Josh is very prepared, as he had headlamps for us all. After our work on the hill (add some weights, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, pain) we returned to our mats and then the picnic tables for some more leg work...I think specially for H and myself, as TJ knows we're both running Melissa's tomorrow. Thanks, man! Finished up with some more squats (can never do enough of those), some more upper body work and then on to our damp, dew soaked mats for ab work. Just as the sun was peering over the horizon, class was done.
H dropped me off, where I promptly went back to bed for an hour snooze, and then up to pack for the weekend. Think I've got everything I need. Probably too much, actually.
Going to pick up our race stuff, then home again to change the litter, and tidy up for the nice lady down the hall who's going to come over and feed the babies and give George his shots, and then we're out of here!
No computer so you'll have to wait till Monday for an update and recap.
By the way, this is what 3500 people at a BBQ look like! It was fun, ran into some people I haven't seen for ages (and got sooooooo many compliments...once again, Boot Camp ROCKS), ate a fabulous meal (the Westin ROCKS), listened to a bit of music and then came home.
Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are and what ever you're doing.

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