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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump day already...

That's the thing about long weekends...the middle of the week arrives much faster.

Hmmmm...what's happened this week? Ran stairs yesterday at lunch, and I can almost run up the entire Crescent Height set (yes, all 167 steps!)...that'll be my goal - to run all the way without have to walk a flight or take a breather...almost there. Stopped and chatted with a fellow stair-fanatic who I haven't seen all summer - she's a teacher, so have been off since the end of June. Again, she went past me a couple of times before realizing it was me...I am soooooo liking this!!!

Got to Boot Camp, where the other ladies actually asked to do stairs! I think Trainer Josh almost fell over from shock! So after our warm-up run, and some push-ups to jog to squat, and repeat 5 times, we grabbed our water and headed down. Did some doubles and then did a version of suicides, I guess. Run up one flight, return to bottom, up two, return, up three, return until you get to the top (7 flights in total)...I made it all the way to 6, but Trainer Josh in his wisdom decided I was done, and had pushed myself enough...oh, okay! Back to the mats for some good core work, and home. Dinner was a very fast Green Monster, as I had an Epicure unit meeting last night. I started selling Epicure after I fell in love with it, and have been selling it now for over 4 years. The Fall/Winter items are AWESOME - quick teasers: Mulling Spices, White Belgium Chocolate, Christmas Tea, Spinach dip blend, Nacho Cheese dip blend, brie bakers...the list goes on!!! You (Canadians, at least) should book your parties now, to get all you can get for FREE! It really pays to be a hostess, and the parties are fun. There...selling done for the night!
Anyway, the meeting is in the far south from my home (22+km away), and wasn't over till close to 9. Then all the way back home, and make lunch. I'm flat on my butt broke this week, so I have to take breakfast/lunch, although I am normally good...just really lazy this week! So I whipped up a couple of tuna burgers, and made a Lemon Dilly mayo to eat with them, and a side green salad. Green Monster for breakfast, an apple and Coconut Pie Larabar for snack, and I was good to go for the day. I didn't take any pictures, as I was either too hungry or didn't have my camera with me. Maybe I ate my camera...
Went to the chiro this afternoon for yet another Laser treatment (my just doesn't work, or at least not that I can see), and ART session. Dr. Jay really went after my sciatica today which felt FREAKING AWESOME (just ignore tears running down my face!) and hopefully will hold out the week. I also made an appointment with the orthotics guy, so I should be relatively pain-free soon. What a concept!!
Walked home from the chiro (after walking at lunch, in deference to the pain in my legs today) and made a quick dinner of tomato sauce with mild Italian sausage meat and whole wheat bowtie pasta. Already set aside tomorrow's lunch portion as well. It was quite good and hit the spot...funny what you think about and then want for supper.
It's ice time and some cuddling on my couch with my George is doing so much better already, and it's only been a week. Yay insulin!

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