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Friday, September 4, 2009

Very tired...

Boot Camp kicked me in the boo-tay tonight! It's been a long week anyway, with year end and dealing with George's diabetes, but as always I look forward to the hour long sweat.
Started the day with my usual Monster, and enjoyed a fabo 5-shot non-fat latte from the 'Bucks. It always amazes that they only put in two shots of espresso in a vente! do you even taste the coffee??? So, 5 shots for me the day going in the right direction. A snack of apple and almond butter mid morning, before I ran over to my pharmacist's to pick up a prescription (I'm trying Seasonale (Seasonique in the States)...hoping to save some money on feminine protection products, and I like the thought of only going through "the time" once every 3 months)...the drugstore is in Bridgeland, so I ended up doing a 5k loop.
Came back to the office and had the other curried turkey burger with salad and tomatoes. Didn't feel like enough, so grabbed a bowl of vegetable soup downstairs...which was really good...nice and thick broth, but all veggies, so next to nothing in points. That filled me up really good, so I didn't eat an afternoon snack before Boot Camp. That may have been a mistake, as I really didn't feel like I had gas in the tank at the beginning of the class.
Granted, it could also be because we went UP the big-assed hill in Edworthy tonight! Then we came halfway down and ran up again. Good times!!! A nice run across the top, where I took a slight detour to avoid a really steep hill (knee no like steep hills!), before we ran the kilometre down the main road, back to the mats. I love running down those kind of hills! Felt great, but the knee was a tad sore by the time we finished. Did our usual torturous work on shoulders, triceps, biceps, core, legs and other assorted body parts before the class was done. The hour really does fly by.
Dropped off by H-woman, and after changing decided on an easy and light supper of pesto pasta with roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. The pesto was home-made by moi, and the tomatoes came from the farmer's market, so they are local, fresh and dry-packed, not in oil.
I am ready for the sack! No big plans for the long weekend, other than chillin, and maybe some house work - depends on the weather, really. If it's nice, I think I'll walk to the zoo and wander about...haven't been for a while, despite being an annual pass holder! And it'll be a good walk, as it should be roughly 5k just to get there.
I'm off to find ice packs and comfy spot on the couch...enjoy your night, everyone.

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