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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's hot...very, very, very hot. I can barely handle heat in July and August, let alone the FIRST FULL DAY OF FALL! It's almost 33C (90F) out there...oi.
Between my achy legs and the heat, I didn't get a very great night's sleep...add the late night on Monday, and it's official...I'm old and crabby!!!
Dropped in on one of Trainer J's other Boot Camps last night (it was only in the high 20's / 80's!) - I think he thinks we're stalking him! But it was a good little group...only 6 of us. However, it's out in the 'burbs, in a school field, so no shade! Yuck...we did run up some stairs, tucked in between the houses, which was cooler, and then by the time we hit the field, the evening shade started in (the class started at 6pm)...I don't think I could do the 6pm class's too late, and by the time you get home, way too late for a full supper. In fact I ended up having a whole wheat pita spread with light cream cheese, a bit of Miracle Whip and a cucumber. That's all I had the energy for!
Today was my last day of work for a well deserved long weekend. And the timing was great, because I officially finished every report, graph, chart, analysis and one-off requests that came my way this month. I was about to be very bored! Walked (and tested out the new orthotics) 5.5k at lunch, going over to my pharmacy to refill some meds. Add Boot Camp tonight, and my shins are quite achy right now. I'm going to find some ice, which will feel good, and try to settle them down for the evening. I also have an adjustment booked tomorrow, so I should be in fine form for Melissa's on Saturday. Oh well, at the very worst I finish where I did last year. As long as I'm upright and smiling, it's all good.
Breakfast was a Starbuck's raspberry bran scone and my 5-shot latte. Lunch was a burger loaded with tomato, lettuce, pickles and mustard (the deli in our kitchen doesn't have grills or fryers, so everything is baked or broiled...slightly healthier than normal) with a large side salad. No dressing...why would you ruin the way fresh, crunchy veggies taste?! A PB Larabar on my way to BC, and then after sweating (ran the Douglas Fir, and I ran further than I have for a long time, despite cranky legs!) for an hour, came home, walked to Safeway and bought a slice of veggie quiche, 4-bean salad and broccoli slaw from the deli. As long as it was COLD! Not bad, actually, and I only ate half of the salads.
As I was driving to Boot Camp, I was letting my mind wander (I HATE traffic...I have no idea how people do that every day! I'd probably hurt someone...seriously!) - I had a bunch of compliments head my way today (the new hair!) and one girl compared it to a picture I did for marketing on my desk. She commented on how different I look now, and that got me thinking. See, right now I weigh 193 pounds. Not shy about it...but in high school, where I loathed myself, and thought I was this huge hippo thing (and I went to high school long before anorexia and bulimia were even heard about - good lord, almost 30 years ago now) and yet, my top weight in high school was 180. Funny how the shape you are in is the shape you are. bags beckon, as does the couch.
Have a great night,

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