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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunscreen...must remember sunscreen!

I am lobster red stupid. Oh, and really sore. The stiffness is hitting me really hard in the quads and my right calf, which appears to be one gigantic knot. Good thing I see the team at Shephard Health tomorrow.

I hobbled into work this morning, wishing I was the kind of person that can call in sick. I am not...that, and I was scheduled for a lunch time meeting at which I was the guest speaker. Kind of had to show up. Although for a "lunch n' learn", lunch was not provided! Weird...ended up buying a bowl of soup (chorizo and corn - tasty) and a turkey/brie sandwich on a lovely multigrain crusty bun. Delish.

Hobbled home, did a walk through with a tenant leaving and finally decided to tackle "front 40", hereby to be known as my front lawn. Man, what a little water and sunshine does for grass! I swear it was a foot high and had gone to seed in several places. Oops!!! Took some muscle (good thing my arms weren't sore) but I got it done, and at least you can see the lower half of the building.

Then met up with H-woman and her mom for noodles at Vietnam Fortune. They make everything so much better. Inhaled my bowl of chicken satay pho with extra vegetables, and the shrimp salad rolls. Best Vietnamese in the world. I swear!

Okay...fading fast, so I'm going smear some more Aloe cream on my burn, medicate for my achy muscles and hit the sack.


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