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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five more sleeps

Tonight was officially our last clinic night. In January, there were over 40 of us. Tonight...9?! Granted, some ran Vancouver earlier in the month, but wow, the numbers have seriously depleted over the last few weeks. But it's 5 sleeps till marathon morning, so after a quick pep talk from Evil Uncle Doug, we were off for "a nice, calm 6km run". Yes, in the books it says to do a tempo, but this close to race day, Evil Uncle Doug turns into the Good Uncle when he stresses that we are as good as we're going to be, so why do a bunch of junk miles right before the race?". I'm liking that!

It rained all night, and then just a steady drizzle most of the day, but the run tonight was actually nice. Granted, had to look for the longer pants and shirts, as I got used to running in shorter capris and t-shirts, but overall I was fine, if not a little hot by the end of the run. Not sure how we did, as again Mr. Garmin and I had a slight disagreement. One of the group stopped to use the loo, and I thought I had turned him back on. I had not...but E. said we did a 7:34 pace, which I'm good with. Tomorrow night will be just as nice and slow. Then it's rest, eat well and rest some more before Sunday!

In keeping with that whole rest thing, I'm off to bed and to dream.



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