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Friday, May 13, 2011


Race #7 looms...The Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's Only run weekend. Phew, what a mouthful. It's in the beautiful town of Canmore (where I will live, one day), so H-woman and I are driving up first thing (race starts at 9am, so it's out of the city by 7!) and while I am running for sure, H. is still up in the air. Guess it'll all depend on how she feels in the morning.

I am watered, fed (ww cheese tortellini, artichokes, red pepper and a tomato sauce), packed and prepped for the morning. Just winding down now, and getting myself mentally ready to go to bed. Shouldn't be hard...I've been tired all day.

Went to boot camp, and in celebration of spring, and nice weather, and the return of many boot camp friends, we ran Douglas Fir!!! Thought I was going to hurl!! Wow...doesn't take long to forget how hard that path is. Up and down, stairs and tree roots, dirt and mud, rocks and such. But I did it, and wasn't too far behind. In fact, managed to pass a couple on the way back in. Ha!!! We finished up with the hour with ladder work, hurdles, push-ups, squats, weights...a good, old-fashioned butt kick. Hoping the legs are good tomorrow, but I'll roll and stretch my hamstring tonight before I sleep and take some vitamin "I", just to be on the safe side.

Taking my notebook (yay, free WiFi) to Banff (heading there after the race) for the Food and Wine Festival, so I'll post a race recap then.


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