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Friday, May 6, 2011

Boot camp booty kick

Trainer Josh handed me my butt on a plate tonight...I knew it was not going to bode well when he couldn't decide if the "stairs" (goat trail in the hills, with wooden slats to make squares in the dirt...some are 6" step ups, some are 12"...good times) were dry enough to play on, or if we should just do the "hill"...

The hill won...

I barely got 10' up it before my lungs were burning and my legs were all but crapping out. Managed to get the top and then "ran" the ridge - okay, so it was a running/walking shuffling type motion. I didn't run the whole way to the top of the roadway, as I knew I was way behind everyone else, so I found the "shortcut" and after sliding down a rather steep and slippery hill, made it back to Trainer Josh and the group.

Where they had already started the next circuit. No rest for the wicked here...grabbed my weights and joined in with the weighted step-up/shoulder press/lunge/curl combo (WTF?!). From there, we moved to our mats and did overhead drop legs, jump up (um, okay...) and head to the next set of benches to do dips. Return to start, adding hell lifts (this is what I call them - lat raise but cross hands in front of body right over left and then left over right, drop arms...OW!!!), scissors (holding weights above head) at the mats and incline presses after the dips. Return to add dead lifts (hamstring LOVED that move), seated twists (we call them Russians) and seated squats (hold your hands over your head and squat to sit on bench, but stop with about an inch to spare, stand back up). We then did some band work (curls tabata) before a weighted lunge walk tabata and then we did...are you ready for this?...I still don't have feeling in my legs...just sayin'...pyramid squats followed by hill sprints. Starting at 3, we squat 3 times then hold squat to count of 3, increase to 4, 5, etc, all the way up to 8. After holding squat to count of 8, we sprinted (I tried...I really tried) up the little hill which has a wicked grade, before returning to the start and doing it all over again!!! Ended on the mats with some core and ab work before calling it a class. Zumba tomorrow is going to be such a treat if I am lucky enough to be able to get out of bed!

I was hungry when I got home, so no photos, but I had 5 strips of chicken breast tossed with Souvlaki spices and S&P, fried up in a little evoo, before stuffing into a thin pita (just like the kind you get at Donair shops - only 3 pts for the whole thing and it's big) schmeared with hummus and red peppers (Tribe - tasty). Side green salad, half of a LARGE beefsteak tomato and a good 5" chunk of English cucumber, and I was satisfied.

So, if I wake up, I'll go to WW in the morning. If not, I'll be there on Thursday and will take my lumps for missing a week. Then it's off to Zumba, to the vets to get cat food for the kids, my pharmacy to get meds for me, Mom's to switch out cars (sniff, sniff), the licence place to register my new car and then home. Early night, as I've got 32km to run on Sunday. Hope the rain is only at night, and that it holds off during our run. It's the last big one before Calgary, and I'd like to enjoy it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and happy mother's day to every woman out there. We are all mothers, regardless. I hate it when someone wishes me HMD and then says "oh, but you don't have children, do you". But I do...they may be short, furry and walk around on all fours, but they need me to care for them, love them, discipline them, clean up after them, feed them, hug them, etc. They didn't grow under my heart, but in it.


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