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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting too old for this

Man, I am BEAT!! It's a good thing I drove to work, loaded up with Epicure goodies, as I seriously don't think I could have walked home.

Feliz Cinco de celebrate (and make me some money, of course) I served a tasting buffet of handmade corn tortillas, turkey taco filling, enchilada sauce, salsa with grilled corn, guacamole, refried beans and agua fresca. Sales have have been brisk, and everyone seems to like the spring and summer offerings.

Had to quickly whip down to the lawyers, to get some notarized copies of documents needed, and while outside I thought I snap a picture of my Baby Girl. She and I will part ways on Saturday (well, she'll be parked at my Mom's till she sells) and I'll be driving James (2004 GMC Jimmy, but I prefer the name James). It is quite the upgrade, as Baby Girl is 21 (almost ready to graduate college!) and has been mine since the day she came off the train from Ontario! I will so miss her sportiness. She rocks. Off to cry a little now.

Seriously am heading to bed. Feel like I've been hit by a truck. I just can't operate on less than 5 hours sleep anymore.



H-woman said...

Yeah, but that sounds tasty!!

Cathy said...

I cried when I sold my first car; I remember when you bought that car so I can only imagine how hard it is to sell. Take lots of pictures!