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Monday, May 2, 2011

My future (I hope)

After a lovely lay-in (ran a Half yesterday, so no long training run for me today), I ended up down at Eau Claire to meet up with the other runners for coffee anyway. It just wouldn't be a Sunday without that. However, wish I had known about the crane being taken off the condo complex beside Eau Claire, thereby blocking the parkade entrance, and the Lupus charity walk AND the Kid's Help Phone charity walk (who booked TWO walks to start/finish at the same location, at the same time and on the same day?!)...suffice to say, it was insanity down there. But I finally scored a parking spot (I know I should have walked, but I was off to meet a friend later) and wandered in to the chaos, to meet up with only Dave. Oh, a young couple as well, but they were done their eats and ready to head out for the day. Dave and I chatted over coffee and my breakfast of egg wrap, before we too parted ways.

I drove to E.'s place, sticking to the "new" East Village route. Can't wait for all that construction to be done, as it will be a lovely area when it's all complete. E. lives in Inglewood, Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods, which is a lovely area of town. It's right down beside Fort Calgary (the city's origin) and is on the river. In fact, E's house is right on the river. After dropping off her Epicure order, we poured a glass of wine and walked with the dog to the river's edge, where they have deck chairs, a table and firepit waiting for use. We sat and watched the ospreys, the geese, the ducks, listened to other birds, the peacocks across the river at the Zoo and generally watched the river flow. I could get used to that!!! In fact, I must check the lottery tickets, because the house attached to E's is for sale (they share the yard) and I would make an awesome neighbour!!! Dare to dream.

Came home, did some laundry and puttered around. I just unpacked my groceries from Sunterra when H-woman called and tempted me with thoughts of sushi. Off to Kinjo we went, where I drooled over plates of sushi floating by. I ended up with six plates beside me! Luckily I did feel full, because they are oh, so tempting. Home again, and decided I should work on my taxes...after all, they are due by midnight tonight, although I have a refund coming, so there's no penalty if I file late. But I got all my business stuff organized, and hit send at about 10pm last night. Now I just have to wait for the money to magically appear in my account. Quite a lump this year, so I'm busy thinking of all the things I can buy with my windfall.

If you are a Canadian, do not forget to vote today (if you haven't already) not waste this privilege. It is your duty to speak up and cast a ballot.


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