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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final night

I've done all the training I can do. I've eaten my carbs, proteins and such. I've stretch, been bent in all kinds of different ways by the chiro and rested. I'm hydrated. Here goes nothing!

Instead of the 3km Friendship Run (meet the bunnies, essentially) I opted to go to Zumba. After all, today was the last class of this session, and unless there's enough interest, for the summer. Although I did find out where Veronica teaches during the week, so I may have a new Thursday night routine! Hehehe... We shook our groove thang and got our sweat on, and I left feeling great! No aches, no pains, no nagging hammy. Fingers crossed.

After Zumba, I did my running around for the day...Costco (picked up contacts - and that's all - holy, freaking ZOO, grabbed and ran!), Walmart (x 2 - first one did not carry the litter I like), registry (to turn in old plate and get refund - in the mail, of course), vacuum place (desperately need bags and found one of two places that carry the brand I need), Mom's, grocery store and then home. Ended up having a quite accidental nap afterwards, as I fell asleep watching House Hunters and could barely keep my eyes open through the news at 6 - at least I'm well rested!

Food today was simple - whole wheat bun with PB and banana for breakfast, a late lunch of meat and cheese on said bun and finally a pasta toss of whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, some smoked meat fried up like bacon and Parmesan cheese. I am satisfied, got my potassium and sodium in, so there shouldn't be any cramping tomorrow. About to mix up my OJ/salt mixture for the race, and then head for bed. Clothes are laid out, bag is packed, breakfast is organized. If only I were this organized through-out the week for work!!!

All right...I'm off to bed to dream the route and envision the big, red clock as I triumphantly cross the finish line...



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Chubby McGee said...

Go! Go! GO!!!!!!!!