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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's been 3 days now since the marathon, and while the sunburn will be with me for a while, the body has actually recovered quite nicely. Quads and calves were intensely sore on Monday...walking down the stairs from my 3 floor walk-up to work in the morning was a sight to behold, as I gingerly went down one step at a time, but I made it! No boot camp for me Monday night, or yesterday even. By yesterday, the quads were much better, but my right calf was one giant knot. I finally figured out that it was from running on slanted roads (to let the water run off) for 42.2km, and the right leg was always the one taking all the pressure. D'er! Dr. Jay worked his magic (aka - made me cry like a little girl!) and managed to work out most of the knot yesterday. Today I was walking almost like a normal person. Some pain, but at least it was almost limp free. So I decided it was time to return to boot camp!

We went up the BA hill, which really helped stretch the calves (I swear it's a 50+ degree grade) and along the ridge to the west side, where the "stairs" are. Again, it's a trail begun years ago by goats, mountain goats to boot, that someone then came along and put slats of wood in at various places, some 6" rise, some 10" rise, 2' step, 3' step, and called them a staircase. We ran up and down it a few times, doing squats at each step, jumping from stair to stair (I was exempt from this activity) and doing all we could to not hurl all over each other. The humidity was building as a thunder storm was approaching, but we lucked out. Made our way back to the tables, and did a circuit of bicep curls, weighted burpees, step-ups, back to burpees and back to curls, adding each time. Add lat raises, plank rows, dips, sumo squats...back and forth, forth and back. Finally, we did a real torture circuit where we started with shoulder press to sumo squats to hold plank till 1 minute is up. However, we were counting down on the exercises, which made the plank hold that much longer each time! Oh, the pain!!! We did that for a total of 8 minutes (longest 8 minutes of my life) before ending with some v-sits to 45 degrees, sit-ups but with your legs spread wide (holy obliques!) and then good old negatives. Finished just as the skies opened up, so we all ran to our cars, chuckling at the poor souls that had shown up for the 6pm class.

After showing the apartment to a couple of prospects (one renter signed up, so only one suite to go), I met up with the gang at the Barley Mill for a post race victory beer. We had some first timers who did great, and some of us who took away a lesson for the next race! However, as fate would have it, the president of the Calgary marathon was there having dinner, noticed all the shirts and medals and asked for honest feedback about the race. He has no idea what he's in for! But I've talked to him before at another event, and he seems genuinely interested in making this an awesome race that everyone will want to come and run. Bring it, I say!

After only 1 pint, and a great visit with everyone, I am home and once again should be in bed, but am not. I must work on this sleep thing, so that I get more than 6 hours a night. Oh, one fix at a time, I guess.


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