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Friday, May 27, 2011

2 more sleeps

Not nervous, but am getting anxious about the race. After all, there's not much else to do but wait...bring it already!

No boot camp for me since Monday, as the last thing I want to do is injure myself so close to the run. And it's been raining non-stop in Calgary since Wednesday. Not that this is anywhere close to the hell that southern Quebec, Manitoba, Slave Lake or the United States have endured, but 9,000 of us runners have had our eyes on the skies with fingers crossed. It started to clear up when I was coming from from the Expo, which is a good sign. It's supposed to be sunny and +16C on Sunday, which should mean perfect running conditions at 7am.

Dinner last night and tonight was from the weekly handout at Weight Watchers, Buffalo Chicken sliders. Ground chicken, buffalo wing sauce, onions, red peppers, salt...grill, stuff into slider bun with tomato and lettuce and enjoy. You are supposed to top with blue cheese, but it's one cheese I actually don't like, so I topped mine with Havarti. Very, very good, although I did had more hot sauce tonight. Found a dipable Frank's at the's thick like ketchup, but with Frank's Red Hot kick. YUM!!! Rounded out my "wing" night with celery and carrots and a Parmesan cheese dip (mayo, parm, basil and cider vinegar).

Hydrating and am off to sleep now. Tomorrow will be a busy day, but at least I got the Expo part over with. I walked in and out tonight, while I heard line-ups of 45+ minutes happened shortly after I left. Dodged that bullet!!!

Good luck to my running peeps doing the Blackfoot Ultra tomorrow outside Edmonton, AB. Most are doing the 50km, but one brave soul is up for the 100km!!! Yikes!!!


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