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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Need for Speed

Sorry, no post last night. Got home after dropping off an Epicure order in a far, far, far away neighbourhood at the very tippy edge of north Calgary, and just flaked out. Good run clinic, where I held everyone back to a nice steady pace. There is no need to kill ourselves this close to the race...we are as good as we are going to be.

Tonight was speed work, and once again our group did laps rather than the dreaded fartleks. I just prefer the consistency of a lap, pre-measured, over running and speeding up, then slowing down. We ended up doing 6 laps, all very consistent in speed and effort...exactly what we are looking for right now.

Okay, weirdness...I appear to have hit something on my keyboard that has it now typing French symbols instead of what I want. For example, è is actually supposed to be the apostrophe, and É is supposed to be the question mark. WTF!

My dinner tonight was really simple. I volunteered at our local Drop In centre at lunch (Shaw sponsored the meal, and a bunch of us prepped, wrapped and served) so I grabbed lunch downstairs. A nice salmon salad in a wrap, and an orzo pasta salad with tomatoes. I grabbed an extra one, and brought it home, topped it with a little can of tuna and called it dinner. Perfection. After run club, I enjoyed a pint (okay, two) and I may have snuck some french fries from the communal plate. Damn, they were good!!!

Home now, and I am so ready for bed. In fact, time to shut down.


1 comment:

Chubby McGee said...

Your computer wants to learn a new language. Run with it. Haha!