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Monday, May 9, 2011

So much fun

Because we had such a good time on Friday, we ran the hill/ridge again today, although it was a little on the muddy side, due to a day of rain yesterday. Okay, so technically I walked said hill but I did manage to run a bit more of the ridge, although again, the kids (half my age, thank you very much) all beat me back and were started on the next circuit by the time I set up. Leg lifts followed by lunge walking. Followed by squats, pyramid squats, sumo squats, shoulder press squats, side walking squats....sensing a trend here?!?! Trainer Josh was introducing a new trainer to his style (the boot camp I go to bought out the downtown franchise, so is expanding, but I am sticking with Trainer Josh all the way!) which I think she was surprised by how much we laugh and kid, but also by how much we work. I totally had my mean face on today!!! We then paired up for some push-ups/sprints and squats (one sprints, then does 10 push-ups while the other sumo squats the whole time, switch...back and forth for 3 was a LONG 3 minutes!). Followed those good times with some shoulder and core work (shoulder press, swing squats (there's that word again!!), followed by plank till we hit 1 minute in total), then down on the mats for abs. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to move in the morning.

I did go to the chiro this morning, and let Dave really work on my hamstring. He did something new today (although I did love the move where he treats me like a Christmas turkey and makes a wish!!! I really don't think my leg is supposed to go that way!) which seemed to help a lot. Of course, the irony is I pay Dave to fix me and make the pain go away, and then I pay Josh to break me all over again. Around and around I go...I think they're in on it together!

Home after boot camp, to make a quick supper that was Latin inspired. I tried our new Adobo seasoning, marinating some chicken in it with evoo and vinegar all day. I then fried it up in a dry pan, till the pieces were golden brown. Wrapped those in a whole wheat wrap with sliced avocado, sauce of salsa/sour cream and some shredded cheese. It turned out to be a little dry, so I made more dip of the sour cream/salsa blend, and dipped happily away. I rounded out the meal with a green salad (dressing was sour cream/salsa) and had tortilla crispy strips on top, as well as some shredded cheese. Finally a half a cup of rice, with our new Cinco Pepper blend and a tomato mixed in. That Cinco spice has some serious kick to it!

And now I am trying to stay awake, but I'm not sure for what exactly. Granted, I do have to submit an Epicure party order, but then it's bed time! And good news...I didn't eat all my supper (for once!) so I have lunch ready for tomorrow.


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