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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long run debate

Two schools of thought here.

1) do you run the distance, to train your body to get used to the time and effort?

2) do you run for no more than 3 hours, knowing you have more training runs in the following week, and not wanting to put your body into a deficit?

G.U. Garrath used to promote the distance, and therefore the time. How is your body to adjust to running for 4+ hours, unless you run for 4+ hours? This way, you can play with fuel, sleep, eats the day before, etc, all before race day. E.U. Doug promotes the shorter time, and therefore recovery for the next stresser on the body, such as the usual tempo run on Tuesday. He feels if you take longer than 3 hours, then you need to give up running on Tuesday, or else you put your body at risk for injury.

I have to say I agree with points from both, and having run the distances many times, understand the consequences of both. So today we compromised in our little group. Today was the last 32km before race day. We decided that rather than run 90 minutes out and turn back, that we would run 2 hours out before turning around. A four-hour run would get us much closer to 32 than a 3 hour run, and if we felt good, we could run out the last 3-4 needed to hit the magic number.

We woke to rain. It had rained all night, so the city smelled like squished worms...blech...imagine fish mixed with dirt. That to me is the smell of worms. I hate the smell of worms! I wore a technical T under my rain/wind breaker, and packed the camel-back for the long run. I knew I would need more than the 750ml my usual bottle holds. I did go to bed nice and early last night, and got up, ate a bagel, PB and a banana with a glass of milk. Run clinic was very light this morning...either a bunch of moms decided to stay home and be pampered or they were off running the annual MD 10km. The rain was a steady drizzle when we started out, thankfully on a different route, heading east and then south to Glenmore Landing. Our foursome made it as far as the Hospital (roughly the 14km mark) before going in, using the facilities and filling up with some more water. On the way back, my body said we were done when we got to Eau Claire. My legs, while not hurting, were lead-like and tired. And I was totally seizing up from both boot camp and zumba. Still can't cough without grabbing something from the pain!!

We did just over 27km in 3:54 minutes, and I for one am happy and ready for Calgary. Some of the ladies ran off to finish the 32km, and good on 'em. I've already decided (and discussed it with Doug) that we will not be running tempo pace on Tuesday, but will treat ourselves to a lovely, slow steady run. Next weekend, I will running the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's Only Half (man, that's a mouthful!) while the ladies here do their final 23km. Then it's officially taper time, as the marathon looms (23 sleeps!).

Had a lovely lunch (I was HUNGRY) of breakfast wrap (eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato and green pepper in a wrap) with fruit salad (watermelon, Asian pear, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries), a bottle of water, chocolate milk and a cup of coffee! After a visit with D. and K., I headed for home and crashed for about an hour before a phone call woke me up.

Got up and made a dinner of tortellini, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, roasted grape tomatoes, pancetta and pine nuts, all tossed with some shredded cheese and Greek dressing. Yum!!! Since my run today earned me 54 points (HOLY!), I also enjoyed a So Delicious Coconut bar (little ice cream sandwich, but lactose free - I bought them because of the coconut) and am now lounging on the couch, waiting for the Amazing Race finale.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.


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