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Monday, May 16, 2011

Really long day

- up and off to work at usual crack of stupid.

- noon appointment with chiro resulted in leg hurting worse than when I walked physio dude better. Will request next time. But did get back adjusted, which felt awesome!

- more work, after a lunch of veggie pannini and tortellini salad.

- boot camp - up big hill, across ridge, down west goat-trail. Then tabata...oh, so much tabata (arms, legs, core, cardio...oh my)! Am thoroughly beat now.

- sold Baby Girl. Tears were sad. But young man taking her home looked very excited to be driving her, so she's going to a good place.

- picked up, delivered, unpacked, sorted and handed out work Epicure party order. Just walked in door at home. McDonald's "may" have provided sustenance, since I haven't been here long enough to eat at any point in the day.

- am about to collapse, so am going to bed.


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