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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calgary Marathon time I go to bed to dream a number, I really must concentrate. Mainly because my 4:59:59 turned into a 5:58:28. Oops...

Again, not my worst race (Policeman's still holds that honour) but most certainly not my best. Not going to over-analyse it, as after all, it's run. I can't change anything I did or didn't do, but I can learn.

Calgary is an incredibly challenging course. It is hilly, with one very large one that continues on for a good kilometer or so, and we climb over 100m...oh, and it finishes up hill. That's just mean!

The day dawned bright and sunny, with yesterday's north winds and smoke from the forest fires gone overnight. Oh, how I would have liked some see, it's Calgary in May. The trees haven't exactly filled out yet, so shade was at a premium. While +14C doesn't seem hot, it is smoking when you are running in full on sunshine along blacktop. I officially cooked myself. Sadly, didn't think sunscreen (thought it was supposed to be overcast) so while I wore a rather protective tank, I am still very red in the face, chest and arms. Heck, even my legs got colour and they never do! Came home from the race (very slow hobble to C-train and then home the 8 blocks) and laid down for a nap. As soon as I was shaking from the chills, I knew that I got a tad too much sun today. Keeping myself very hydrated (it'll help the legs when I have to keep getting up to pee!) and will invest in a white/light coloured running ensemble for my next marathon, since it'll be in August, and it's sure to be HOT!

Another factor that I need to consider, and do something about, is the fact that I am hauling around an additional 20 lbs over last year's race. I felt I need to quit jerking around with the "journey" I am on, and actually focus on where the heck the finish line is. My running group did really well, with E. posting a 5:06 and C. & her hubs coming in about 10 minutes before I did. The cool thing about E. is today is also her 30th birthday. What a way to celebrate it!

Went to her house after my nap for a visit and a slice of cake. Luckily I started moving! When I first got up, I couldn't stand!!! This did not bode well for tomorrow and work, but then I got things moving and slowly all night everything has been loosening up nicely. Another stretch before I go to bed, as well as a good dose of vitamin I, and I'll be set.

Not really hungry, despite burning over 3600 calories, so I just had some pasta to tide me over the night. Add to that a piece of cake at E's, and some scrambled eggs on hash browns (must get the protein in) before my nap, and I'm done for the day. Not sure how much longer my eyes are staying open, so it's time to shut down for the night.


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