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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taper time

This is it...11 sleeps and counting before the Calgary Marathon. And as far as marathon clinic, we have done all we can. To quote both clinic leaders, nothing we do now will improve us for the end of the month. We are as fast as we are going to be, we are as trained as we are going to be. No more hills, no more speed work, no more pushing ourselves to the edge, unless we really want to hurt ourselves! I am all for not hurting myself. I want to make it to the start line, let alone cross at the finish.

Last night was tempo, and I have to say that our little group rocked it. With the warm-up km and a cool-down, we averaged at a total pace of 7:07/km. That is actually tempo pace, WITHOUT warm-up and cool-down. We were doing really well, and everyone said they felt good and it didn't seem like that hard of work. Tonight was a different story...not that I suffered, but I just didn't feel it like last night. Granted, we weren't that much slower (did the same 6km route) with a pace of 7:20/km. We were far more consistent in our pace, treating tonight more like a steady run, albeit a fast steady.

Dinner was a simple dish of tortellini and tomato sauce, as it's usually beer night after the run. But we had several people away tonight, and we're all heading out tomorrow for joint birthday/going away parties, so will enjoy a beer then. And, since it's AFTER weigh-in, I may even be all decadent and have something "bad" like a chicken wing or the likes! I am such a rebel!! I will report more tomorrow.

No plans for the upcoming long weekend, and by the sounds of it, it may be a wet one. Which is fine, since it can put out the fires in northern Alberta and make me stay inside and do some organizing. A great goal will be to sort out my closets, and donate some clothing and such to those in need.

That's it for me...I sat up far too late last night watching a show I never watch (and don't really like) so am feeling beat today. I think I'll shut down early and try to get some good zzz's in. After all, I do need to start stocking up on rest, to be at my best on race day.


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