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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Jaime inspired me...I don't bake often, as that's usually a dangerous thing for a single woman who is constantly fighting weight demons to do, but the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls sound far too good to resist!

The very easy yeast dough (nothing smells better than yeast, I tells ya!) is resting and doing its thing even as we type. Took all of 10 minutes to mix up.

And the pecans are gently toasting, so that they taste even more delicious. Mmmmm...toasty nuts.
Just went to give them a shake and stir, since I can just start to smell them. That's the sign when they're toasting nicely. I am notorious for putting nuts (or even other stuff) to toast and then walking away and getting preoccupied with something else. Adult ADD sucks! But I am fun to watch!

Thursday night at the Hitmen WHL game was fun, despite many of the fans walking in and saying they didn't know to bring food. We still managed to walk away with 6-8 large boxes full. All the food and money collected that day was going directly to the Veteran's food bank, sadly which is much needed. Breaks my heart! I was good at convincing some people into forking over cash (money is just as good as food, as many of the food banks have a better buying power than we do), although I was joking with the group leader that he should have put me by a beer stand. I'm really good at making people feel like heels for enjoying a beer while the old man who made it possible for him to enjoy said beer is languishing at home alone, hungry. How's that beer tasting now, dude??

Our corporate mortal enemy was at the game as well (not sure if they were sponsoring something or what) but they MADE us change out of our Together is Amazing shirts, as they didn't want us "advertising" ourselves. Seriously?!?! You don't want us there, advertising that we're collecting food for hungry Canadians, and veterans to boot????? See...very good at the guilt thing!!! I don't care...I know who I work for, and am immensely proud of the awesome thing we are doing (well over a million pounds of food raised so far, and that is BEFORE Shaw and Campbells match), and I got a Hitmen t-shirt out of it.

Yesterday we took down the pyramid of food in our building's lobby and started packing up all the flats to go to the food bank. We wanted to make sure that they had the food for the weekend. Wish I had remembered my camera, as it was pretty impressive to see all this food lined up, waiting for the moving van to haul it all over.

It was a pretty quiet day at the office though, as many people took the day off for an extra long weekend. I was not one of them! Did whip over to WW, forgetting that I was wearing jeans...crap. Up again. Can I totally blame the jeans? Probably not. I need to sit down and focus! Although I already missed two of the three boot camps this week, due to scheduling and now that I have to take Mom for a haircut on Tuesday (she's forgotten how to get to the hairdresser...sigh), I'll most likely miss that class too. Need to come up with a back-up plan, since Josh only has the three classes a week this time around, rather than his usual five. I will be going for a run in the morning, and I think I'm going to do a nice 10km tempo. Just can't wrap my head around doing a 7km long slow run! Meanwhile, I came home and was a slug (last night's boot camp was changed to Wednesday, when I went to running clinic), enjoying black lentils in curry, naan and potato samosas. I was very full by the end, but full of carby goodness! Must be getting colder out.

Heading down to Mom's shortly today, as she's out of cat food, and while remembers how to get to the vet's, can't remember how to get home. Claims she ended up in downtown Calgary last time she tried...why am I just hearing about this stuff now?!

Dough is rising, so soon my house will be filled with the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls...and then I also got in the mood for Moussaka (our deli made it last week, and I thought (of course) I can do better!), so that will be whipped up later today. The ground lamb is thawed, I have many, many eggplants and zucchinis, potatoes and I'm making a real bechamel sauce for it...none of this low-fat stuff for me. I'll also pick up some freezer containers, so that I can divvy it up and have some ready for lunches/dinners in a hurry. Just realized that I should have picked up salad makings as well. Hmmm...guess it's a trip to the store for me. Maybe the Farmer's market instead. We'll see what Mom is in the mood for.


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