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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Banff Winterstart Recap

In brief:
- The Fox hotel rocked! Loved, loved, loved my room and will definitely go back there.
- Winterstart Race was totally fun!! And I had a good time of 57:45 for the 5 miles (8km)...not bad, considering it's run at 7pm and is pitch black and the first time I've run it. Very cool to only see marker lights, reflective tape on jackets and colourful glows sticks, all bobbing along in the dark. The bears must be so confused each year! I will run this again...the party in the parking garage of the host hotel was crowded and loud but fun when you end up there with a whole bunch of running friends. And free beer and cookies...there is nothing wrong with that!!
- Good fun at the Rose & Crown afterwards...I "may" have had a few pints of Guinness and I totally devoured one of the best lamb burgers ever.
- Daylight Savings rocks, as I totally needed that extra hour of sleep this morning! So does late check-out from the hotel!!!
- I HEART the mountains...have I said that?! Spent the day wandering into new (for me) areas of Banff, snapping pictures and walking in the rain. Lovely.
- home now and doing laundry. Reality sucks.


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