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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm getting too old for this!

There "may" have been alcohol involved...

Say, like a glass of Cedar Creek Meritage while I got ready...then a glass of champagne at the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom reception...then a gin martini as a pre-dinner aperitif...a lovely Malbec during dinner (salmon sashimi, vodka shrimp tomato shooters, red pepper hummus, pita, couscous, maple roasted root vegetables, turkey, wild mushroom ravioli and a tomato salad)...a cup of coffee (yes, plain coffee) with a pumpkin creme brulee and tiramisu cup for dessert...another glass of red (had to empty the bottle!) and then my cocktail of choice...okay, 4 cocktails of soda with lime. We get 3 drink tickets each, and for some reason people feel sorry for me and give me theirs! Or they think I'm a lush...let's go with sorry, shall we? Anyway, I redistributed, and ended up paying for one drink, which was a good deal. Good food, excellent band, fun dancing, laughing till I cried and generally enjoying myself as I always do at our parties. A night well spent...although I question the existence of girly shoes and why they must be so painful!!!

Since I couldn't get through to the cab companies earlier in the evening, Baby Girl got a special treat and got to stay parked underground at the Convention Centre last night. I very wisely took a cab home, as I shut down the party at 1am...I wasn't alone! There were other revellers still there too!!!
Woke up this morning at 9:30, and after vowing to got up, sucked back a glass of chocolate milk and then grabbed my Starbuck's go cup, walked to Starbucks and filled up on a 6-shot latte (yes, I needed the extra shot!!) and an egg & ham sandwich. That definitely hit the spot and I left there feeling a tad more human. Walked to the Convention Centre, sprung Baby Girl and brought her home, in time to load her up with Epicure product for a party later this afternoon. Hosted the party, loaded her up again and came home, swinging by KFC for some much needed grease. Very, very, very disappointing. I think I actually was served by one of the stupidest people on the difficult can that job be? I told him what I wanted...he repeated it...charged me accordingly...I came home with half of what I paid for!!! Grrr... Not worth going back to fight...ever. Lesson learned. But I did have some grease and that was the point.
Tomorrow morning I will be up and down at the Eau Claire Running Room with bells on. Literally!!! I will be an elf for Chase the Elves, and actually have a complete outfit to wear (go big or go home, I always say!). I will be certain to take some photos.
With that, I'm heading to bed.

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