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Thursday, November 25, 2010

God bless Chinooks!

After a week (sadly, it was only a week!) of super deep-freeze weather, we finally had a beautiful, blessed Chinook blow in this morning. Yesterday morning, I walked in -27C with a windchill in the mid -30', it was -3C. A change of 24 degrees in 24 hours...and it was AWESOME!!! But now all that snow is getting sloppy and the roads are mucky and nothing you wear is safe from the slush and ice and wet and uck. But it was +2C when I walked home, so I really don't care!!!

Up another .8 this least I'm consistent. I need to find my weight loss mojo again...I think I left it where I dropped my exercise mojo. That means it's buried under some snow drift out front! I totally blew off boot camp tonight, with the excuse that I didn't want to be all stiff and sore for my Christmas party tomorrow night. Whatever... I will enjoy my party and then I will purge my kitchen - watching Last 10 Pounds, I realized that I need to up my vitamin C to offset the cortisol that my stressed out body is storing in great quantities right now! And since I like the emergen-C powder, that also includes vitamin B complexes as well, I'll be helping level out my mood too.

I have another Epicure party to host Saturday afternoon - that should help control the drinking tomorrow night - and then I get to dress up like an Elf to be chased on Sunday morning. Returning to the world being about me begins right after that. I have got to regain control of this...I have no desire to start from scratch. No, let me restate that...I WILL NOT START FROM SCRATCH!

Okay...I should head for bed, as I need to be all rested for tomorrow night. I get to leave work a whole 1/2 hour early to get ready! The joy of being an early bird and starting at 7...most of the department starts at 8:30 and work till 5. So for them, they get to leave early...for me, well it may mean a 20 minute nap!


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